Will GOP Messaging About Election Integrity Help or Hurt Republicans?


So last night, Mike lindell sat down with president Trump. For a 40 minute interview. And you know, the mainstream media dismissed it, barely covered it, ridiculed it. But I wanted to ask you, I want to bring it to you. And I want to talk a little bit about Mike and former president Trump and you. I want to talk about that continuation of putting your neck out there and saying that something was wrong with November of 2020. We've got to get that fixed. And or we may never know. We may never win another election. Chris Christie has emerged. As a guy who clearly, at least, I think, as of today, wants to run for president in 2024. And the former New Jersey governor has the approach of we can't look backwards. We got to look forward. We got to make the our political opponents be Biden and the Democrats, not one another. Republicans shouldn't turn on Republicans, and he's got a very stern and harsh assessment of president Trump's behavior on January 6th. He just thinks the president should have been more forceful in condemning the rioters. He tried to reach the president. He says, numerous times, they wouldn't take his call. And, you know, I'm sure he's going to get a lot of flack for that. But I want to play some of this interview. Because I want to talk a little bit about whether or not you think it's a good approach because right now, Republicans seem to be in the driver's seat. We've got a divided government. We have a divided nation, we've got a lot of polls showing that the Democrats are underwater. And it seems to be almost a foregone conclusion. That we're going to take back the house of the Senate next year. Nothing is guaranteed, but it sure seems like it. So the question becomes, as president Trump continues, his messaging about election integrity will that help or hurt

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