Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Visited Accused Jan. 6 Rioters in Jail


Welcome back to one on one with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Marjorie, it's such an indictment of the business as usual, political establishment, not just the rhinos, but actually the GOP establishment that we've had hundreds of arrests. We've had the FBI chase down people who weren't even inside Congress on January 6th in Alaska. I've got friends telling me my friend was not even near Congress and they tracked her with the phone data. The phone company gave the geolocating data were you outside Congress, just insanity, the FBI hunting down these people instead of BLM or antifa. You are one of a handful of politicians, citizen politicians whose actually trying to get to the bottom of it and to fight for these Americans who are guaranteed by our constitution, a speedy, a speedy judicial process, you went to the prison, they refused you access you were so kind to call us after your visit for those who didn't hear your story. Tell us what you found when you went to this hellhole in D.C. where these people are being kept prisoner. I found something I never thought I'd see in our country. I found something that we've seen in movies and we hear stories about in other countries. I found out that what I thought was Internet rumors and not fully true, I found out it's all true. Everything we've been hearing is true about what's happening is January 6th defendants. Not only that I've talked to people who've had their homes raided by the FBI in the dark of night. I talked to one man and his wife, where they had handcuffed their child with handcuffed and she was dragged out in the front yard and nothing but a nightie and then the small town newspaper where they lived took a picture of her and put her on the front page of the newspaper, and that woman wasn't even in Washington, D.C. on January 6th. She was in California at home. And this is what's happening, but then I met people and Sebastian, I want to tell you I tried for months to get in that jail and several of my colleagues went with me, Louie gohmert, Matt Gaetz, Paul gosar, Andy Biggs, bob good. Those are the ones that have come along. They've been there every time, but they've definitely tried to. And I've tried every single time to get in. But finally, we went in, we were allowed for a tour of the whole jail. Well, I want to tell you we saw the whole jail. Except. Except the January 6th event in area, except the patriot wing. And then what did you do? Oh, I pitched a

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