Why Can't the Country Come Together?


That people say, well, Charlie, why can't the country come together? I hear this all the time. Charlie was so divided. Everything is one side or the other. And I say it's about time. We know where everyone stands. It's about time we have some clarity. I would much rather have clarity of what the left in this country believes in stands for and what we believe in stand for than this false moderation that has been plaguing our country for 40 years. And let me be very clear what I mean by that is that for so long we have had this kind of mindset in the Republican Party where we need to sue for peace and we need to go to the middle, and they get everything they want, right? And instead what we always should have been doing is we should have been dismissing them from the beginning. He said, wait a second. I reject the premise that somehow we need, you know, activist people on the courts or that the Second Amendment is null and

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