Where a Web 3.0 Reckoning Lead -Edward Saatchi Founder of Fable Studio on Creating Virtual Beings - Voicebot Podcast Ep 231 - burst 04


That is a coming Reckoning coming With the meadows and i think that building out these individual soda characters like alexa on on all of that. I think that's feels It's going to be quite old hat. And that we should have and that we should focus on having virtual beings in meadows so that you're interacting with them in digital wells that digital characters. They should live digital worlds. You'll becoming a digital character with your avatar. So i think that kind of a that is a. There is a little bit of a reckoning. Coming say the reckoning that so that's that's a nice provocative word i like. That is not to say that. Oh well Is simple as we're moving to a web three world where metaverse is more important and alexa might be in. Syria might be of of the web to legacy going to traverse or is it more that we're going to realize there was something bad about that. I think it's the ladda. And i think what we're gonna realize bad isn't actually necessarily from a consumer's down on about krypton web three. It's more that We have started to believe that. Nova china And the virtual being needs to live in an environment needs to grow and be provoked by other members of that environment unto live in a simulation suggest as autonomous 'cause Now must hours in simulations. We believe that the same will happen to virtual beings and that it was the wrong approach to focus on individual virtual beings alone on that they will only grow by being in a simulation and in a little bit of a society. So it's it's it's sort of gone from let's say Bladerunner twenty forty nine being the big lodestones more to the matrix and the truman show And ideas around simulation. And i think the best example is probably autonomous. Caused that you've you. We've needed to build out simulations for them to grow effectively. We think about tesla for example in most of the hours that character will will exist will be in simulations like figuring out how to do all of these things exist his example of go to the grocery store and buy something like that will be that will happen in isolation in the context of all of the incredible things to happen not lives day to day. So that's kind of. That's the shift that i see happening from creative visual matale xiaojie bt three into just have do some video chats with people you actually have this character live in simulation and be able to accurately also what you doing right now because if you ask any ai character. What are they doing right now. Allied to get a response will get that response because they aren't doing anything right now because they don't exist because they don't have a simulated life the the

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