Mike and James Golden, AKA Bo Snerdley, Reminisce About Their Early Days Working With Rush Limbaugh


We'll have moments that we relish professionally, personally, one of the most exciting days of my life was the day I was hired at what was at that time the biggest talk station in America, WABC radio. It was quite a journey from Ohio to South Carolina to Albany New York to New York City. And at ABC, I got to work down the hall from a guy named Rush Limbaugh, who is still missed and will be missed for forever. Taking way too young, fighting valiantly through cancer. And lost that battle. His beloved Beau snorkeling is become a great voice in his own right. Always has had a very prominent role in the whole Rush Limbaugh universe. Talk radio producer screener and host worked for 30 years with rush. He's got a podcast. He's a host now on WABC radio still in New York. He's got a new book coming out next month called rush on the radio, a tribute from his sidekick for 30 years. And it's with great joy that we welcome the great James golden AKA boast nerdly back to the Mike Gallagher show. Have you been my friend? Mike, you know what? I'm choking up listening to you because you just took me back on like two thirds of my life. I remember the day that you came to WABC. I remember the first day I saw you there with your white shirt and your tie and it's like, wow, you were so enthused and you were so good. So when you get a job where you get to work down the hall from the wizard. It's like getting a job in Oz and the wizard does not let you down. Rush was everything that you think he is and more and you are, too. I mean, and rush told me. He said you're going to love James and you were so kind to me and so decent and so smart and so funny and how could you not be? My gosh, you worked, shoulder to shoulder with a guy who has impacted this country for generations and you got to do it, James for three decades.

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