US allies, al-Qaida battle rebels in Yemen


On Iran three months after pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal saying the US policy is to. Lovey maximum economic pressure on the. Country in a statement today he restated his opinion that. The twenty fifteen international accord a freeze Iran's nuclear program in return for lifting sanctions was a. Horrible one-sided deal. The US backed fight against Yemen's Shiite rebels has benefit. Al, Qaeda's branch in the country it's militants are battling alongside and even within units, financed an armed by the Saudi led coalition fighting the rebels a group says those battlegrounds have been a recruiting bonanza moreover how kinda was allowed to pull out, of, multiple strongholds at healthy in Yemen taking with it weapons and cash under secret deals with a coalition according to an AP investigation. KOMO news time now ten forty six singer. And reality TV, personality Jessie James, decker caused a stir over social media post. Where she appears to be, holding an. Alcoholic beverage while breastfeeding her son ABC's Paula, Ferriss spoke with ABC's chief medical correspondent Dr Jennifer Ashton about the risks and you have delivered your share babies hundred and I will admit full disclosure, I, nursed all three of my kids with a glass of wine in my hand because that's what my lactation consultant instructed me to. Do one glass right you're saying so so what's Okay first of all not a lot because again we can't do control studies where we're. Going to be giving breastfeeding or lactating women a lot of alcohol and then testing. It in their breast milk but the thinking here is that as long as the mom does not feel neabry aided or. Buzzed the amount that is passed along to the baby in breast, milk is minimal and that an occasional alcoholic beverage in. A breastfeeding woman will not harm the baby it takes about thirty to sixty minutes for anything that's consumed to go through, the moms blood and pass into breast milk and when. The mom feels better and that's cleared from her blood it's cleared from the breast milk at the same time the other interesting. Thing here in probably the reason you're a lactation consultant recommended it to you is that when mothers tense when skating and by the way it can. Be? Painful it's very exactly I By the way that's right it can actually inhibit the letdown. Reflects so a little bit of alcohol can actually help the letdown, hormone so in in the kind of lactation who wives. Kind of circle a little bit is thought now Ted relaxes the mom and and it allows the no doubt so finally, let's ask you about the notion of pumping and dumping, we had too much Right so normally when we say pump and dump that's with a. Woman who's. Using a breast pump that's for medications. That are actually dangerous or contraindicated or viruses or some kind of. Infection in the mom it doesn't really work as well for alcohol but we have to remember. Any anytime you see anything dealing with a woman's breasts it becomes. Global news, and everyone feels like they can weigh in on what. Happened to Jesse James Are you have to remember is. Yes there, are clear benefits to breastfeeding, both for the mom and the baby but it's not always logistically possible for every, woman and it's not always something that the mom chooses to do so when I council, women, on this, I, say the operative word in breastfeeding is feeding and a woman needs to feed her baby the best way she. Thinks and, the best way for her and everyone else. Needs to stay, in their land ABC's Paula Farris along with Dr Jennifer Ashton a screen time link to poor health and, kids? As we hear from ABC's Dave Schreiber scientific, advisory statement from the American Heart Association says screen time from computers phones tablets video games TV and other devices is connected to more sedentary behavior in children. And teams that can lead to poor cardiovascular, health and obesity though there's no clear link to poor health researchers are concerned eating, behaviors could be affected with kids not noticing when they're full while eating in front of a. Screen There's also. Evidence suggesting screen time can disrupt sleep, Dave Schreiber ABC Japan's trying to get workers to take more time off but it's been difficult advertising exact suicide three years ago was ruled karoshi which means death by overwork the Japanese government started taking a. Hard look, at its culture of working, long grueling hours but little time off last year it implemented a plan encouraging businesses to give employees the last Friday of the month off it's following that up with a, new, idea letting, them, have the Monday morning following the last Friday off to it's an acknowledgment by the government of the need for. Work life, balance but companies start acknowledging the same thing. Only eleven percent, of employees are leaving earlier coming in late citing a crushing workload if the office Cheri Preston.

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