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I'm Val Di your real estate company. Says three of its employees in to their, family, members were killed in that southern California plane crash in DSP lead investigator Albert Nixon says everyone on board. The plane dine there's five people on board and, unfortunately they were all Fidelity's Yup so you could see the airplane it did, impact a car and strut three. Other vehicles so a total of four vehicles, were a struck Pacific. Union says the three work together at the company's office in the San Francisco Bay area. City of danville the NTSB investigating the crash of the single engine Cessna into. A, shopping center parking lot in, Santa Ana, nobody on the ground was hurt Brian France has taken a leave of absence a CEO of. NASCAR following his arrest in New York's Hamptons on charges. Of DWI and criminal possession of oxycodones he says his indefinite leave will be used to focus on his personal affairs NASCAR vice chairman and. Executive VP Jim France assuming the role of interim chairman. And CEO the. Pentagon has restricted the use of fitness trackers here's Wally Hines in a move aimed at increasing security the Pentagon has banned the use of fitness. Trackers by military troops and other defense personnel, at, sensitive basis or certain high level warzone areas the move follows Reports that outside. Groups could use the devices to track routines, locations personal information even. The numbers of troops it'll be up to military leaders to determine whether troops under their. Command can, use the devices Capitol Hill correspondent Wally Hindes reporting President Trump signing. An, executive order reimposing many sanctions, on Iran, three months after pulling out of that Iran nuclear deal he reiterated that the two thousand fifteen. Deal he believes was a horrible one-sided deal he also. Signed an executive order to help free up federal funds in California to battle from disastrous wildfires send the Dow closing up today forty this. Is townhall news You know I'm not a genius about money I love my credit cards and they love me I. Was using them as a. Source of income and then I got behind in my. Payments and creditors were calling I figured I had. A problem and. I didn't know how to deal, with it I heard about trinity so I called and talked to a counselor in half an hour we worked out a plan now I've got one easy monthly payment lower interest rate and I'm getting out of debt if you're in an endless, cycle of, paying on.

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