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On the same day, the white supremacist group. The proud boys were meeting in Oakland, speaking of proud boys, Steve Bannon, the alternate prod boy. Wants to unite the right creating a coalition of European far right movements to bring down the EU he's meeting with Boris Johnson, Michael g-o-v, Jacob rees-mogg, and how they can further humiliate white people everywhere. Meanwhile, Cording the communists to British economy has slowed down to a standstill largely because of Brexit after losing business over boycotts vodka Trump shut down our business, her name brand store and Trump Tower still open however, and she's continuing apply for trademarks and foreign countries. And this is not great news because this means she has more time on her hands. She and Jared are known to throw fancy parties which are like catnip to the Chuck Todd, industrial, complex, Washington DC. And so let's as we warned you and our previous episode expect Ivanka Jared chew position her to be the first female president, and I totally predict that what they're gonna do is they're going to have this whole charm offensive in the media when that time comes and they're gonna blame everything on her father and said, it wasn't us. You saw out of control. He was none of that was our fault. But keep in mind that Vonk is inside the White House advising the president. I had states, so the responsibility is on her. Yeah. They've already started doing that. You're already saw that with Maggie Haberman trying to build them up and excuse them again and being the court stenographer and palace intrigue tale-teller. But yeah, don't fall for it. We gasoline nation will be here to endlessly. Remind you of Vonk as various crimes and immorality, and lack of qualifications, and the fact that she should not be in the White House at all, and in fact, ample legal grounds, true move her for lying on her clearance forms. Bunka charm is working at the highest level of the White House for her father. It's her White House that a separating families that is putting babies on trial that's leading to the sexual molestation and now death of innocent children. Escaping violence coming here in the long tradition of the America. Stories immigrants. That's all Ivanka. That's what's behind that plastic face of hers. Now moving on with the news, Orange County, congressman, Dana Rohrabacher Putin's congressman. He got caught having meetings with Russian spy, Maria Patino who was arrested and he is one of the chief opponents Magnitsky trying to end do that legislation, the Magnitsky act, which will talk about further in today's episode. I just want to remind everybody that Dana Rohrabacher almost became the secretary of state. I just need to throw that in there because everyone constantly forgets this that during the time immediately after the election where people were even doubting that there was Russian influence over Trump's campaign and over his politics..

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