Lenovo Smart Display Is What's Next For Google Assistant


Kat cast in whenever I'm editing photos video, I always have music and or a good. Oh, drama, Scott. I thought I saw that now. That's good. That's explains. Voice, how nice because it's. I should try that as just how I roll. That's comforting. That's nice. Then the popcorn and Brown liquor are show titled today. Actually, I was. I was thinking of making it the title of this, a blog post by Nick here on his pixel envy blog. But then I realized it's not polite. He calls it, you could show it. I guess the BS web and he actually raises some really good points. We'll talk about that in just a little bit before we go on. Let me play look like we should be good time to play our our, our house. We divorced always called our house, add our promo for the week on Twitter, and then we'll come back with more from our esteemed panel. If you missed anything this week, you missed some good stuff. Watch previously onto it. You know, we have to continue the tradition here, so I guess I'll just ask you, can you tell us the main topic of the show? I don't really remember. But what? What do you think it is? I think it was father, Robert. We think it's networking. Then test is great to see primary there this weekend law. If you are traveling to Egypt. Do not complain about your experiences there on social media in any way, shape or form a woman vacation tourism in Egypt and didn't have a very good time, and she complained she was subjected to sexual harassment. She complained about various aspects of the country government officials, ultimately finding her guilty of deliberately spreading false rumors that would harm society. She has been sentenced to eight years in prison. We need to be considering everything we post now on social media and what it might have if we were to leave the country and go to some other country. All about Android. This is smart displaying. It is the first Google assistant with display device. There's plenty more coming out this summer. This is just kind of the first wave bamboo back really makes me wanna like Ed something into it, please don't do that. What is. Burke has has come through Burke for knife. Of course. He's gonna come. What are you. I won't do that joke really far. Jeez pm. Naughton studio with my hardware. This week is your brain. This is your brain on twit. Any questions we actually got a little bit of time with that Newland Novo, Google assistant, and I was a little disappointed and we're gonna have to do more reviewing Jason's going to have review for us. We we showed it off on the new screensavers yesterday. It doesn't seem to have all the capabilities of of a Google home device. It's won't do some of the things that you could do with the Google home, which really disappoints me because it's kind of awesome. It's it's as eight or ten inch screen that could be used as a TV. You could watch Netflix on Amazon prime except none of that worked. I want really bad. Yeah, but don't get updates. Well, I'm going to get it from you. Like we discussed all. I'll just hand don't be an update. They'll be an update. It's it's two hundred forty nine bucks for the ten inch. That's the one I would get because it's like a kitchen. It's like a TV, and then you can do all the other stuff too cool stuff. I've been waiting for Google home. With a screen on it. So I I, I've heard it over to the Google and she is my friend. Yeah, I just, I wish this were of I just assumed that the Nova would use the same exact software, but apparently I don't know if they're doing their own servers or what, but it's not the same as very much like like the fire cube doesn't do all of 'em Assange echo stuff, which is also weird to me, which is very silly. Yeah, Sam, it's from. And it's a more powerful, but I don't get that at all. That makes no sense to me. Well, good for reviewers because it means we need to help people make the right buying. These things are not obvious companies are telling you what they're doing. Yeah, our show. Did they brought to you by last pass?.

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