Travis Scott Releases Statement on Cutting Amanda Lepore from 'Astroworld' Cover Art

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I thought I was like, we don't pander in facts. We pandering gossip, which is really the currency of the modern age. What's the word on the street, the word on the street is this amend of the poor. If you remember recently came out with them in warr. I believe it was in the last five years. And in that memoir she alleges that she either had a tryst with Kanye west or a affair with Connie west. Now, both of those words are very loaded. So I'm using one or the other. I don't want to say that it is like confirmed an affair or confirmed just a one off trust, but a lot of reports back in the day were circulating after she came out with this memoir and she was like, yeah, I hooked up with Konia west, blah, blah, blah. Of course, Connie west did not comment on this and the bulk of the news media round. It was insane. Transsexual Amanda. Lepore lying about Kanye west debt it up. But you know, I gotta say the New York, our world, which Connie wants to be a part of so bad. So bad loves Amanda. Lepore they live for me. I was gonna say, like the Konya gays and like the mayoral report fans. Yeah, it's close. It's one flat circle and the people that are. Zest with Amanda Lepore and her, you know, fashion aesthetic and people who like Connie west in the fashion world is literally have lots of people. And so it would make sense to me that they were running or are running in very similar circles. Because once you've gone to so many club nights and art scenes and fashion openings like you start meeting or seeing within, like, you know, New York MAGS, this is what happened in New York this week, ground up start seeing like the same cast of characters on you at this point. Like whether we like it or not is very high, like echelon and celebrity culture nowadays and like the circles they run, but we do. He is. Yeah, that stature. So we have to talk about in like that and it just it's just so you know, who's running around with of course, and it makes on test. If Amanda Lepore is telling the truth. And again, like I don't want to verify alleged rumors, but it was in her memoir and I really don't think that's something someone just makes up. However, I. I was reading some fashion, New Yorker t. on Twitter, which again is all alleged and it's messy bottoms trying to get back at each other for things that happened at the magilla archive like five years ago, but. So people were like, maybe it wasn't Trump is Scott that removed Amanda Lepore from the cover in was KANU west or Kim that asked Connie to remove mandala from the cover. And now do I think that is a reach? Absolutely. And do I believe anything that has to come up with the Kardashians? No. But does that kind of cross a few diagrams? I've been seeing recently just in the general cultural consciousness? Yes. And I can't dock Smith sources, but we won't. But when I think of a, he that alleges some things, yeah, we'll only want to say is, you know, since when is the person who claims to be with celebrity does also celebrity, they're not lying about that was the neat. I was saying, what are you saying right now? It's like respecting in tongues to me. There. Like you're trying not yet suit and I get it but like, jeez, and we're trying to be created statement, took me down. I wasn't expecting well. Yeah. Also, this is no people never end. Yeah, I was going to say, we're going down a dangerous road. We don't need to, but I will say that if you think Amanda Lepore sleeping with Kanye west is the craziest thing you've ever heard, then you've really never been to New York and you'd really never met men that sleep with trans women. So anyways, that is that's how that I also want to kind of talk about. Another interesting celebrity byline. I read this week, so Chloe merits famous for being a meme of about. I know torso in long legs. Falesa game on. He's on the internet or has corrupted my mind. I'm just in a, I bought that just feed information to and they're like, is this car? And I'm like. Yes, I think longer existed than celebrity stratosphere..

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