Heineken joins forces with China's biggest brewer


To change nine hundred thousand, dollars in income to alone to reduce. Manafort's, tax burden AP's Chad day. Reports federal prosecutors are building their case against President Trump's, former campaign chairman prosecutors are kind of setting up setting the. Table for what, we expect to hear next week which is the testimony of Rick gates now gates is manafort's longtime deputy he also was a senior. Member of the Trump. Campaign and he also pleaded guilty earlier this year to felony charges in this case Manafort is on trial on charges of Bank fraud and tax evasion. That could put him in prison for the rest of his. Life one suspect is. Data second has serious injuries following a shootout with police near an elementary school and a tumble Iowa police responding to this afternoon's report people. With guns new the school got into an exchange. Of gunfire with four people one was killed another Wounded the third arrested a fourth is still on, the run I'm Tim Maguire Heineken has struck a deal to. Expand in China, which is the world's biggest beer market the Dutch brewing company says is buying a forty percent stake in China Resources beer or CR. B. which controls bestselling. Lager snow Heineken says it'll invest three point one billion in the venture the company says Chinese drinkers are bracing imported beers and that CRV lacks a. Premium overseas brand the stake in c. r. b. would significantly. Boost heinekens distribution. Reach Even severe weather couldn't, stop, beyond, saying her husband Jay z from performing an explosive two hour plus concert for their feverish. Fans after bad weather forced concert goers at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey inside for close to an hour Thursday night beyond saying Jay. Z. hit the state shortly after eleven pm. They wrapped up the show just, before one, thirty AM Friday their tours currently the third ranked worldwide bringing in an average of five point eight million dollars. Per show Taylor SWIFT's. Number one on, that list Rolling Stones are number two. Rosie O'Donnell and. Cast members from some of Broadway's biggest musicals plan, to protest outside the White House Monday. The group plans to serenade President Trump with songs like the people song, from, Les Miserables and a brand new day from the whizz the performance will be current. And former Broadway cast members. From things like, wicked beautiful Hamilton phantom, of the, opera and more the trip is organized by. The host and producer of Sirius XM's on Broadway..

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