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Us twenty of them are in alaska there are several wildfires in california colorado and new mexico in colorado one of the state's largest ever fires is burning about two hundred miles southwest of denver the spring creek fire has destroyed at least one hundred thirty two structures you're listening to npr news heavy rain in south western minnesota has triggered heavy flooding some homes have several inches of water in them from minnesota public radio solvay washed bed says some volunteers spent the fourth of july piling up sandbags homes and businesses in murray county minnesota are dealing with rising water from heavy rains county community relations coordinator christie riley says rain added to water accumulated earlier this summer even farmers had trouble getting their crops in the fields they got him and then we got tons of rain water droughts out there road conditions and damage already from the end of june and now this rain on top of it we're just so saturated riley says road conditions have improved homes around the county's lakes still have high water for npr news i'm solvay wasp met a woman who climbed the base of the statue of liberty yesterday is in federal custody she was part of a protest against us immigration policy says new york police department detective brian glacken she was basically up there saying about the children in texas police spent nearly four hours trying to bring the woman down this also meant hundreds of tourists were forced to leave liberty island the national hurricane center says a tropical wave is well organized in the middle of the atlantic ocean it's possible that a tropical depression might format of this wave but the hurricane center says that wins in the ocean will turn unfavourable any storm would probably break up before reaching the caribbean i'm korva coleman npr news from washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include lifelock lifelock with norton works to help protect identities and the information on devices from cybercriminals learn more at lifelock dot com and the kresge foundation at kresge dot org archaeological evidence shows.

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