On July Fourth, Americans celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of hot dogs


Campuses which won't have designated smoking areas rodney price cayenne s news and offduty wichita police officer was wounded and is suspected home intruder killed in an exchange of gunfire police chief gordon ramsay says twenty four year old christian web shop the officer in the leg after entering the officers home through an unlocked door the officer then returned fire hitting web several times web died at the hospital the officer was treated and released chief ramsey says the officer's wife and children were home at the time of the shooting and they were shaking up but not injured chief ramsey says some cars have been broken into near where the shooting happened chief ramsey says there's no connection between the suspect and the officer some people like fourth of july fireworks some don't like the noise a neighborhood dispute over fireworks in austin texas led to gunfire and someone's death in dispute that happened over fireworks going off in the neighborhood often believe we're called to the scene of an argument involving a gun when they arrived they found a nineteen year old man had been shot he was rushed to a local hospital but did die a time later police arrested a suspect in the shooting described as a forty one yearold man they have not identified the victim at this time nor the suspect in law if they that initial argument over the fireworks eventually escalated fireworks are a legal within austin city limits that's fox seven austin's jane lonsdale with that story america's celebrating its two hundred forty second birthday yesterday with dazzling fireworks parades lots of entertainment the usual divisions in washington pretty much shut down for the day is hundreds of thousands of people turn out on the national mall brought together by a common love of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness while the reason this special to me is because i'm hoping that will help bring our country together a little the crowd treated to the beach boys and jimmy buffett in new york city thousands and thousands came out to watch macy's.

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