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For the july wrigley as the cubs notch their six comeback win in a row over the tigers five to two for the series sweep david bodey back in the lineup for injured kris bryant hit his first career homer off a francisco leary on while wilson contraire as put up another bomb in the six and a two run double in the seventh another impressive day at the play for the cubs and another sign of improvement for joe madden the at bats exponentially gotten better i mean it was good today to and so is their guy yesterday too good pitchers and if we're just going to go up there and just try to drive everything out of the ballpark we hit a couple but that was there was really good quality swings boat just trying to go through the middle the ball got up in a little bit wilson the controllers when he starts driving that gap that left center gap to be in my mind's eye that's when he got hot it was hot at the plate which helped cooled things off on the mound jose cantata picks up his first win since may thirtyfirst the lefty served up five hits including solo home runs to nncholas cast janas in the first in john hicks in the third meanwhile the brewers sweep the twins in the series finale three two to the cubs now said one game back from i in the division in cincinnati it was another blown lead for the socks as the reds put up six in the fourth for the seven two four win don't kobe through three innings of shutout ball but gave up five hits six earned runs in one walk just in the fourth inning alone caroline wozniacki made another early exit from wimbledon serena williams powers on around three as well as her sister five time champion venus williams who once again dropped the opening set but once again dominated the rest of the way to win on the men's side eight time champion roger federer extended his wimbledon winning streak to twenty six and in college football university of georgia quarterback jake fromm suffered a small fracture and his throwing hand during a freak accident at the lake it's from second off season injury last month he got fishing more lodged in his leg on the home of the bears joined the arman newsradio in one zero five point nine fm let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents soon you'll have a separate fridge in the.

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