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So this weather as far as i can work out we've got this for another at least ten days like here's a question why don't we have it till september that would be why isn't it ma jet streams so stu jet streams something something's forcing the stopping the jetstream doing bad things at the moment essentially i wanna get rubbish weather is because the jet stream is stuck on stays above us it's also windy is on just other gesturing stuck on i suppose jetstream get stuck on ice you've been stuck in a few balls before pippo i live like but it's quite wendy's quite breezy it is and is that making the weather warmer or if it wasn't for the braves would it be wilma still question to meteorologist dominic byrne yes the weather is i mean the wind is important as she in the whole sort of climate system isn't it i think a more interesting question is what should i have not i think i might i might have macro salad macro solid now we had macro salads dav never had a mackerels try it it's amazing especially when it's warm weather what you going to be cooking i'm funny with solid though what would you put in it matt crew needed not.

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