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And the richer countries together a strong lobbying power down than alone and they consider it a success that such relegations scheme has not come up or or is not in in the the main resolution of the council marian thank you for this ori their foreign editor of the conservative hungarian daily at my your hair i'm very good morning to you newsday from the bbc world service with shaima and pull quick reminder of our top stories they sell a chemical weapons experts in britain of confirmed that a coupla critically ill in hospital here in the uk after coming into contact with the novel nerve agent it almost killed the former russian spy sergei scruple and his daughter yulia and campaign is say ethiopian security forces of rates until june political prisoners in the east of the country let's get sports headlines now with matthew kenyon who's in wimbledon owning shaima covers her on on the roof is open though and the sky is blue and we're looking good for another great day here at wimbledon not great yesterday for ustralian open champion caroline was snacky who felt she could have gone a long way here but it's not gonna happen this year because she was ousted in the second round by katharina makarov own wednesday another big name out of the women's draw no such problems for serena williams down in the rankings because of her long absence but very much a contender here victoria tomorrow was dispatched in straightsets yesterday and serena said she's moving in the right direction no problems either for roger federer twentysix six in a row at wimbledon with another easy victory this time over lukashenko and later today rafael nidal for his second round match against mikhail kukushkin a few matches to be completed from last night as well because despite the fine forecast we actually had a couple of late rain delays today at wimbledon is on the bbc at eighteen thirty gmt now no football of course today at the world cup for the games news machine keeps rumbling and now russia two thousand eighteen is dispensed with his services cristiano ronaldo's place in the headlines is made because he's being very strongly linked with the departure from rail madrid for you venter's a fee of more than one hundred million euros is being talked about but it'll be wages which at a stumbling block you'd have thought undoubtedly this though is more serious than previous rinaldo transfer stories and given morocco cereal disappointment in bidding to host the world cup could we see a joint north african attempt to bring the global showpiece to the region in two thousand thirty algieria and tunisia say they're looking into it matthew many things more from matthew a bit later on the program now should music artists and music publishers get paid by law every told me watch one of their videos on youtube will anywhere else on the inside the european parliament is voting on it today critics say it's censorship of the internet if the eu parliament decides to go ahead with the music industry says the giant companies like google or not paying music artists fairly using their work jeff taylor is the boss of the british phonographic industry which supports is proposed new legislation jeff welcome to newsday good morning first of all why should this happen why should the eu parliament vote for it we hope parliamentarians your vote for it because for many years we've been laboring under outdated regulations on copyright which affectively mean big tech platforms can exploit music and other forms of content without paying properly for these of that content and that's really unfair particularly to the smaller artists who are desperately trying to make a living i mean google census this statement i'll just read that's voice believe there's a better way than this and the innovation in partnership with the key to successful diverse and sustainable news and creative sectors may you for both european consumers is vital to preserve the principles of linking sharing and creativity we so much of the web success is bill that open part of the internet won't be quite so open if there's more legislation applied well that's really not the case this is just about making sure that the platforms have to negotiate a deal for the content that they exploit so we won't use us to be able to share content on a licensed basis which then means that the people who created that content kept pay for it and that really is a better situation because ultimately what fans one is great content to watch and to listen to for us for the.

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