Madonna Criticized Over MTV VMAs Tribute to Aretha Franklin


But without a doubt, ladies and gentlemen, these father knocker of the week goes to the Queen of soul, a wrestle mania alumni, Aretha Franklin who passed away just a few days ago, a voice from heaven. Amazing presence. And even though Madonna Konadu donor at the ward show that I didn't watch. I read about saw the exert Madonna was about putting over Madonna. He might have been a great idea and they're quote unquote, riders room, this ridicule. Madonna comes back. She's six years old. She's gonna put over Aretha she did put over Raith more on that. The goofy sexes. But our respect and our condolences to the three ends the fans of the Queen of soul who made more than one Mark in a WW environment. And we were sure and our fans nothing, but the very best she was treasurer to listen to the betting. Let me tell you something Aretha lacked her severe Retha Aretha liked being a diva she played her role. She was that was her character. When should miss Franklin came onto the set artery Hirsch run through sound checker, whatever he knew who the Bosh was, and I, I really admire that. She never lost that desire for perfection.

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