Russia pushing for US release of suspected agent


Rain moving southeast across the tri-state it is sixty six degrees right now Avondale man was shot while working on his car Saturday afternoon Andro into the thirty six hundred block of fine street and Sean at someone else and ended up. Hitting the vehicle and the victim rather. In the leg and the hip he was taking a UC medical center, if you can help police find the shooter call crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty Moscow is pushing for the release, of a woman in US custody on. Charges of. Being a Russian agent Russia's foreign ministry says it Syrah gay Lavrov called for Maria Boutin ass-. Release in. A phone call to his counterpart secretary of state Mike Pompeo. The Kremlin believes that boot Tina was arrested on fabricated charges a federal judge ordered the twenty nine year old, woman jailed pending trial after prosecutors called, her a flight risk a tweet by the Russian foreign ministry, urged. Supporters to add a photo of Boutin to their Twitter avatar some reds of the past are honored this weekend at great American ballpark gave Bristol manage for the reds in the minors, from the late nineteen fifty s to the mid nineteen sixties and he. Managed the reds from nineteen sixty six to nineteen sixty nine he thanked those who played for him Real reason I'm here is a bunch of those guys sitting over with a red jacket on Fred Norman who started for the big red machine from nineteen, seventy three to nineteen Seventy-nine is glad he was on the same team. Look over there everybody knows red it It was just incredible be able to pitch whether instead of Gunston Adam Dunn whose ratio of one Homer for about every fourteen bats ranked number one in reds history. Says he could. Thank people all. Night I'm not going to do that we want. To watch baseball game tonight, so, I, appreciate everyone thank you for. Coming out and go get him Matt Reese News Radio seven hundred. Wwl w here's a reds update for the second night in a row the pirates, beat, the reds six two two was your final score they wrap up their series today and our..

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