Comcast concedes to Disney in bidding war for Fox assets


Least, four hundred. Ninety three million dollars. That would be the fifth largest prize and mega millions history I'm Ann, Cates And I'm Greg Jarrett from Bloomberg world headquarters White House budget director Mick Mulvaney is defending president Donald Trump's comments lamenting the Federal Reserve action to raise you interest. Rates Mulvaney says he's sure most presidents have had similar thoughts about fed actions first Century Fox shareholders vote on Disney seventy three point one billion dollar bid for the company's entertainment properties. This coming Friday Bloomberg's Courtney Donohoe reports last week Comcast stepped away. From its pursued after sources told us the cable giant felt the price for the FOX assets was too, high the. Pursuit, by Comcast did force Disney to raise, its bid for the FOX assets which also includes a movie studio. In cable networks. FX and National Geographic Disney one US antitrust approval for the deal last month Courtney Donohoe Bloomberg radio all business has severed its ties with James Gunn director of its guardians. Of.

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