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President Trump this morning is attacking the. Justice department yesterday the, f. b. i. released a redacted version of an FBI surveillance worn application on Trump campaign policy advisor Carter page. Trump tweeted as usual they are ridiculously heavily, redacted. But confirm with little doubt that, the, department of Justice and FBI misled the courts, police in Los. Angeles this morning have still not. Identified the man they arrested yesterday after a three hour standoff at. A trader. Joe's. A. Twenty-seven-year-old assistant manager was shot and killed during the time. That the man held dozens of people hostage correspondent Paul. Vercammen, is The scene police city incident. Started as a dispute in south Los Angeles where the twenty eight year old. Suspect repeatedly shot his grandmother who is in. Critical condition and injured, another woman he then led police in a car chase through Hollywood eventually crashing you're the trader Joe's officials said. I'm Christopher cruise And I'm, Mark mills in the Bloomberg radio. Newsroom Fiat Chrysler has a new CEO Mike Manley Fifty-four-year-old Britain was picked to replace Sergio Marchi. Only the automotive icon who was forced to relinquish his post of CEO after fourteen years. Due to the sudden deterioration of his health Manley has been head of Fiat Chrysler Jeep brand since two thousand nine that's the nameplate that's key. To the company's plan to double profit in the next five years Nike says it's getting a sales. Boost from the World Cup teams and athletes. It sponsored we get more on that from Bloomberg's Charlie, Pellett markets giving the American company a tailwind in its. Race to catch up with Adidas in soccer the final in which France Croatia was the first ever with all twenty two players wearing Nike jerseys and most of them were. In Nike. Shoes Nike had ten teams in Russia to fewer than. Adidas but, had three among. The final four, Charlie Pellett bloom Amberg radio in Middle East trading on this Sunday cut ours main stock benchmark index declining. The most among its peers in the Middle East paste lower by banks Saudi stocks. Are advancing first Century Fox shareholders vote on Disney seventy one point three billion dollars bid for the company's entertainment properties this coming Friday Bloomberg's Courtney Donohoe has more last week Comcast stepped away from its pursued after sources told us, the cable giant felt the price. For the FOX was too high the pursuit by Comcast did forced Disney to raise its bid. For the FOX assets which also includes.

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