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I am alongside ESPN culture Puerto Mike wells and we're talking about someone, who made some, history, still riding the. High right now a professional golfer Brittany succumb fresh off her appearance of the barbasol championship did, not make the cut but, made some serious. History today, finishing out her second round. An impressive performance. So Brittany tell me about this. Experience you sit here it's not just any golf tournament you're you're in this one competing. On the PGA tour the sixth woman to do it? What, were the emotions going through these last few. Days yeah thank you guys so much for having me I literally still aren't cloud dying and just to be inside the. Ropes that, the guys is. Like the coolest. Feeling ever I mean they're so good they're so talented it was just an honor. To get, the invite the play in a men's event. Then obviously I was hoping for a little better scoring but, today, I had five Birdies an eagle today was really great. And obviously to finish out my few days I finished. On a pretty big high Clearly the goal was to, make make the cut that didn't happen but how much would, you, like to, build off this and, potentially do it again get out there on the PGA tour for a second time man you know never say never so, but I'm not sure if I will You, know I still enjoying it but, in the future I mean I, thought I was going to be so nervous I didn't know. How to, be able to handle it and I really learned. A lot about myself and my Dame being inside the ropes with the guys. Nagas at different deal and just going into, the major the. British Open in two weeks just learning how to, control my nerves and and all that you know I think this week has really helped my game I can't wait to see how the rest of. The year pans out Britney when you're when you're facing something like this it's so huge I'm sure nerves become a big? Part, of it, and it's always nice to be able to. Lean on a hall of Famer for some advice you had one of those. On deck, reached out to can you feel sit on. Who that was and what they're. Able to, tell you to prepare yourself going into this. Tournament, yeah you know I finally got around to calling Sorenstam's stone, I give me her number to call more about the mental part of it I, mean golf is what I do for a living I finished, off, a playoff, actually last week style, back game is really good right now You know just calling her, on the night before my first, round your I just was trying, to get some more advice obviously there's a lot of media. There was, gonna be a lot of fans out in China. How you block out the noise she said it perfectly she was like you. Know this is obviously a few tweaks but, just more in. The future like learning how to handle these situations, it'll make my future situations a little bit easier and I totally think she was right you know the guys on PJ first of all we're stupor. Welcoming even on the first he Conrad Sam made me feel so comfortable so right away I felt like I was at? Home, in a, good place and that help with the nerves. But just in the future I think this this week will really help me. For that, if you had to take away one thing. From from being down there and. Playing Kentucky, what was the biggest takeaway for you personally Yeah and there's so many things I mean just mental. Part of it I think if you in You know I say I wanted to make the cut but just. You know I went in with a good attitude and I had a great time the whole time. That was one of my. Biggest, things that, just may be influencing child, here in the United States so many autographs for kids hopefully you know one of them one day that was. The reason why they want to be a professional golfer now maybe so. Be sending, autograph for them so just. Seeing all, the kids and all the fans that came out I mean that was pretty cool Britain you mentioned you know being that inspiration to young girls out..

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