James Gunn Fired as Director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3'


Have long. Called for greater protection under the law the new president Megan the canal is seeking to preserve the socialist character of the q. Urban revolution well boosting the long stagnant. Economy, on the island to dodge men have been charged in connection with a major seizure of cocaine in the English channel consignment was found aboard a yacht Tom singleton reports a border force cutter intercepted. The of the south west coast of Cornwall the vessel was escorted into Newlyn. Harbour on Thursday where national crime agency offices unloaded a number of. Large parcels, the Haba was closed for several hours while the bums got investigated an item found on board the NCAA says the quantity and value of the drugs are covered on not yet known, but it's described it, as a major seizure to Dutch men aged fifty nine and forty four have been. Charged with drug, importation, offenses they are due to a payment Bristol magistrates court later today The US film director James Gunn has, been sacked by Disney for posting offensive messages on Twitter. Up, to ten years ago gun who was to direct the third guardians of the galaxy film has apologized for the messages which included jokes about rape. And paedophilia Peter reports from Los, Angeles according to Allen horn the chairman of Walt Disney studios the offensive attitudes and statements. Discovered on James guns Twitter feed were indefensible and inconsistent with the studios values, the director has apologized he said. His words of nearly a decade ago were at the time totally. Failed on unfortunate efforts to. Be provocative the posts which have since been deleted were brought to light by the conservative, website the daily caller and widely shared Mr. gun has been an outspoken. Critic of Donald. Trump files released today by the Margaret Thatcher. Foundation show house Denis Thatcher vetted the guest list for.

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