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Local member, station by, name This is NPR news Ahead on, morning edition for Tuesday you'll hear a story about rethinking the practice of solitary confinement for inmates the story. Out of North Dakota more about that on that, story on morning, edition as it continues we'll get the Traffix story two from Ted Anthony and just a. Few minutes right now today's weather pretty much the conditions remain the same that we've seen the, past couple of days sunny skies for the bay area after some morning clouds and patchy fog do watch for the clouds though to hanging hanging around along the coast through, the day highs today the low sixty s along the coast through the seventies around the bay into the low nineties inland and for. The southern Sacramento valley a sunny day today with areas of smoke through the day is between ninety. Two and one hundred they predicted high for the capital, city of Sacramento. Today ninety six degrees I'm Michael state the time it. Is nineteen after four From NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly Afghan officials say a roadside bombing in the west. Of the country today has killed eleven people aboard a passenger bus in the east militants have launched. An assault on Jalalabad Afghan officials say gunmen stormed a, government building and. Took hostages after a suicide. Bomber attack the front gate Iran's, president is expressing skepticism over President Trump's offer, to meet with Iranian leaders as NPR's Peter Kenyon reports Trump says he's willing to do so without preconditions president Hassan. Rohani says a country that breaks its, promises a reference to Trump pulling out of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement cannot be trusted and further talks Ronnie also says. Tehran will protect its right to export. Oil a vital economic lifeline at a time when Iran's inflation rate is soaring in the currency rapidly, losing value, to history professors. Are resigning from university of Virginia think-tank over the appointment of a former, aide to President Trump has caused Spencer with. Member station w. c. v., e. reports Mark short is also a UVA alum the resigning professors point to Mark Short's, history of working for such conservatives. As former marine Ollie north the coke brothers and, Trump nevertheless short remains on track to begin a one year fellowship on Wednesday UVA's Miller center Short worked as the president's legislative affairs director I'm Dave Mattingly NPR, news in Washington On the next fresh air you want a husband will take a. Bullet for you not one who points to the attic and says they're up there Tony. Shalhoub has been nominated for an EMMY for his performance in the Amazon comedy series the marvelous MRs Mazel shalhoub also starred in the TV series monk. And the film big night join us It's fresh air, one o'clock this afternoon and again this evening, at seven here on kqed public radio I'm Michael state help you. Have a nice safe trip to your place of employment this morning let's see how smooth. It is at this hour here's Ted Anthony Wright in. A good morning to you Michael will head over to Pittsburgh. Westbound four near a railroad just getting word of a, two vehicle accident which may have the right lane block CHP. Already headed out there San. Jose hit and run accident right shoulder McLaughlin avenue on ramp and northbound six. Eighty and we still have this situation in south San Francisco the point boulevard Dubuque. Avenue on ramp to southbound one zero one remains shut down this from a big rig action which happened late last. Night and it produced an oil spill so the cleanup there continues now we're. Hearing maybe. Seven o'clock this morning when you have that. Ramp reopen I'm Ted Anthony for Ted's update brought to you by. FEMA and the Ad Council I'm Marco werman PR is the world brings you a global. Perspective on the news with a worldwide network of correspondents you meet people at the heart.

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