Nikki Bella, Alex Rebecca and Nick Offerman discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Maker shows hosted by parks and, recreation cast, members any colour and Nick Offerman speaking of television Alex Rebecca's contained. That he'll be done with jeopardy by twenty twenty when his contract is up so who does he think should. Replace them for him the front runners are sports caster? Alex house, an attorney Laura cokes who's an analyst on CNN. And WWE stars Nikki Bella and John CENA are reportedly calling it, quits again earlier this year about a month before their. Wedding Date Nikki called off their engagement although they got back together she. Says they're now just friends Mickey and her sister Greek grew up in Scottsdale and graduated from chaperone high school Seven forty nine once again detour Dan now from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center getting through it little by little. Cleanup is actually starting to, show up in the terms of closures have been cut in half and it looks like a lot of the traffic signals are starting to get repaired so we're. Digging out well it looks like right now they're still to those closures remain though one of those for downed power lines highway east and westbound Arizona. Farms to Bella vista close the other closure. Is related to a young girl that was hit by a vehicle hit and run crash to fifty nine th avenue in Indian school entire intersection closed as investigation. Work begins there I ten eastbound east of ninety first avenue wreck. Off to the left and now a. Crash on the one zero one freeway westbound, at the Hayden exit ramp you're going to see this wreck off to the side. As well stop up fifty one south of Glendale you get a crash. Off to the right and, you got a seventeen minute..

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