Amazon pays just $2.2 million in U.K. tax despite profit surge


News sports weather Wwl king newsroom on. NewsTalk. Thirteen eighty, eight okay Radio news. I'm Donahue government. Reports modest job growth last. Month one hundred fifty seven thousand jobs were added, there was a slight. Drop in the unemployment rate White House economic adviser Larry Kudo. Likes what he, sees really at a high, plateau the data today manufacturing was strong, fashion services unemployment went down this very nice report but China is retaliating to threats, of tariffs by the US on the China list sixty billion dollars worth of US goods that would be hit with. Tariffs if, the US goes through with its tariff threat prosecutors give me more insight. Into how, they built their case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort he. Is on trial, outside Washington attorneys for special counsel Robert Muller's team say in a court filing an FBI forensic accounted reviewed tens of thousands of documents from twenty financial institutions and thirty-five companies to support the tax evasion and Bank fraud charges against. Manafort Secretary, of state Mike Pompeo says, North Korea is far. From living up to its, pledge to. Denuclearize and, remain and, remains in violation of numerous. UN Security Council. Resolutions investigators are withholding details. From their search for university of Iowa student who, vanished more than two. Weeks ago twenty year old Molly Tibbets was last seen in. Her small town, of Brooklyn Iowa on July, eighteenth Kevin Winkler is with the department, of public safety we continue to look at all possibilities I'm not in a position, right now to say we have suspects we don't have suspects persons of interest or anything else Winkler says investigators will. Continue to, withhold basic details about the case because they believe it gives them the. Best chance, to solve it forecasters say weather threats will remain high over the. Next two days, in the areas of northern California including reading the scene of a massive car wildfire and the Mendocino complex the scene of two fires north of San Francisco this is AP radio news Amazon is, facing criticism after the release of its British tax Bill recalled show Amazon UK services LTd faced a twenty seventeen tax Bill of six. Million dollars the paid a Assam deterring the rest the Lukasz Bill is due partly to the way the EU works with. Multinationals can have the tax base in one country often with, a very low regime. But have the main operation in another Amazon says. The decrease in tax payment in this. Case is partly due to chace payments staff which, recounted us a. Cost deducted from prophets have the e u officials place. Amazon among, a group of multinationals that are accused of arranging unusually advantageous tax deals with e you countries that based in Charleston with. Desma, after one year of legalization of marijuana in Nevada regulators and industry insiders say the results easily, exceeded expectations tax revenue brought in about seventy million dollars about twenty five, million of that went to,.

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