Google declares Android phones can have two notches at most


August fifteenth. And then I leave again to go to bath and then. I know I do anything I can to avoid. Texas Banff is a fortieth birthday present to myself. My best friend. Sounds fun. It will be yes and almost happy birthday. Oh, happy birthday than forty. I. Hey, hey, we're not there yet. Come on and happy Wednesday. How about old? Hey, how do you guys feel about notches? I think I know how. Not shes as it. You just kinda go blind to them, but three notches. Where are they putting all these notches? That was my question. I'm not sure that we'll see three. Well, we definitely won't on Android because apparently only two notches are allowed in Android p they've mandated a requirement of only two notches, only the bottom and top and only one per site. So you couldn't. So in other words, you couldn't have your two notches, both on top, not sure why you would want to do that. But Google has gone to the lengths to make sure that you don't because who in someone might design a phone, it's all notches. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking like a like a border, a border much. Why? 'cause we can. This is for the lover. Oh, you don't. Did you guys read it was in logic magazine, I thought this was really fascinating. And here is my copy of logic magazine t- do you actually have that? I've ever heard of it. I was like, do you realize I had never heard of it. So I was like Russia. Shinsen and this whole creation of how Chinese manufacturing is like change. Basically, how Chinese manufacturing has grown to this like wild and crazy world where people just build on top of bills and they're talking about like people designing phones that have a compass that points to mecca and its popular in this logic world, it was just like it felt like science fiction, the the world that they were describing. It was such a fascinating article in. So now I'm sad that I cannot find it, but it was logic magazine letter from Shinsen, I think, and I highly recommend everyone check this out because it was just a glimpse into this culture that. Wow, you know, that's what's the company that makes all the phones. Yeah, Foxconn friend of mine went there for means high executives, and just the story of going into the the belly of the beast and Foxconn is amazing. Yeah. So this is logic, logic MAG, dot. I o. is in this is called letter from Shanzen. At the bottom of the dot, it's called Shanzai, which is. Like knockoffs, but now they're calling it the new Shanzai in. It's like this concept of basically cutting like open source hardware where people just build on top of other stuff like the long tail Chris Anderson's long tail in physical goods in technology. So super crazy Superfund. I wanna live. I kind of made me wanna live there just to see all the crazy stuff, but I don't really wanna live in China casino maternal list. I like saying things uncensored Google. I do like Google. The parallels they were making. Like we think like in urban areas, we might be used all this, but even at super rural areas, these guys are can do all this crazy stuff with their just their mobile phones in. I don't know, go read it and be like, dang it. No wonder China's gonna kick our butts. That'll be included in the shrew that that'll be included in the show notes as well. Let me think here else to well, we're probably also going see. Not that it really matters to very many people anymore. A updated daydream of viewer at the event. I'm guessing because apparently the headset is now seventy dollars off that began today. So they're blowing out the daydream view. It's thirty bucks. Now at Verizon, the description lists the item as e o l. skew so end of life. Imagine that a new daydream viewer is around the corner using it phone though, was opposed, I'm guessing. I mean, they have the standalone one by his Lenovo. I believe, of course it's Oculus. Instead he out the Oculus go, so Dr, Android. What do you think in this pixel watch. Dr Android. I like that. I, I mean, I'm having a hard time getting excited about watch any more. I suppose that the where thing kind of pass me by at this point, but I'm really surprised that up until now. Google hasn't done their own pixel watch of sorts..

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