Meghan McCain: 'I'm scared of America without' dad, Sen. John McCain


NBC News Radio I'm Richard Jordan to huge wildfires burning in. Northern California are now, being treated as one the ranch fire has overtaken the car fire and is threatening thousands of buildings and has prompted. Thousands of people to flee their homes the fire has scorched over one hundred. Fifty seven thousand acres and is, only thirty percent contained Pentagon officials say efforts to find American, soldiers missing during the Korean war will continue the recent recovery of presumed American remains is. Still being analyzed Dr John Byrd said his preliminary assessment found that the remains were consistent. With being Americans remained, believed to be American from the Korean war They. Also were clear with us that they couldn't be sure how. Many individuals were represented in each box for noted that the process isn't linear and there isn't. A set timeline for, when the individuals will be identified the wife of money rock war veteran is not sure when. She will see. Her husband and her two daughters again all hundred warriors was deported. To, Mexico, yesterday Juarez, has been, in. The country for more than twenty years after escaping violence in Mexico her husband says he voted for President Trump in the two thousand sixteen election and wrote a letter to Trump requesting a reprieve Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio. Portland is bracing for today's rally by a four right group a lot of protesters are expected. At today's, rally by the group patriot prayer in downtown Portland the Portland mercury says. Last year's rally in Portland drew the support of many white. Supremacists. Who acted out, in violence the air guitar champion of the world is going for a three peat two-time world champ Matt Aristotle burns Staten Island hopes to clinch the. National title again in, route to the world contests in Finland later this month the national championship is being held tonight. At rough trade. NYC a heavy metal bar in Brooklyn you're listening to the latest. From, NBC, News Radio Megan McCain is opening up. About her father's life threatening health battle in an interview with glamour. Magazine recently she says she's scared of, America, without her father US Senator John McCain she goes on to say that longtime family friend former vice president Joe. Biden checks in with, the family, often the Zona lawmakers been diagnosed with deadly form of brain cancer similar to the one that killed. Biden son Megan ends the interview saying that her dad was strict and that was so she can survive her. Father's prognosis Jayson Campadonia NBC News Radio bus Vegas police don't. Know what motivated gunman Stephen paddock to carry out the deadliest shooting in US history the, final report on the mass shooting on the Las Vegas strip last. Year was issued Friday. By all accounts Stephen paddock was remarkable man whose movements leading up to October I didn't, raise any suspicion and interview with his doctor. Indicated signs of, a troubled mind but no troubling behavior that would trigger a, call to law enforcement ex brother. Told investigators he had not spoken to him in more than ten years and he thought his brother might suffer from a mental illness paddock opened fire from a room in the mandalay bay killing fifty eight people attending a country music concert paddock killed himself as police officers were about to enter his room a firefighter in petaluma california is out of a job over on duty sex in a firehouse public records show twenty old firefighter and paramedic brett hughes resigned in january after admitting to having consensual sex at least ten times with the woman who was not a fire department employees the press democrat says hughes confessed to liaisons in the back of a fire engine in a training room and in a captain's office that departments top two officials called the on-duty hanky hanky-panky a gut check a black guy and a wakeup call but insists it was an isolated incident and literally from washington dc we'll make history the mamie johnson little leaguers will be the first predominantly black team ever to represent the nation's capital at the little league mid.

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