Over 100 goats run loose in Boise, caught grazing lawns

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Live from NPR news Washington on Giles Snyder. Paul manafort's trial wrapped up its first week with his long time tax prepare taking the stand NPR's miles parks reports. The accountant says he was kept in the dark about Bank accounts. Manafort had overseas still. Ayla says he did Paul manafort's taxes for well over a decade. But he says Manafort never told him about Bank accounts or money yet abroad. Prosecutors say that's because Manafort was using those accounts to bypass the IRS. They say he was spending millions of dollars on custom suits and luxury cars and paying with direct wire transfers from overseas. Metaphors facing eighteen counts of tax and Bank fraud defense attorneys for Manafort, sees being framed base former business partner. Rick gates. Gates is cooperating with investigators and is expected to testify sometime next week, miles parks and pure news, Alexandria, Virginia, a federal judge in Washington as ordered the Trump administration of fully restored DACA the deferred action for childhood arrivals pro. Graham, the judge has rejected the administration's argument that it acted with lawful authority, but he has given the government twenty days to appeal in a separate case. A federal judge in San Diego is holding the Trump administration solely responsible for reuniting migrant children, separated from their parents at the US Mexico border after a lengthy investigation Las Vegas sheriff. Joe Lombardo says the thirties have not been able to establish a motive in last year's mass shooting on the Vegas strip interview with his doctor indicated signs of a troubled mind, but no troubling behavior that would trigger a call to law enforcement without a manifesto or even her note to answer questions. The totality of the information has been gathered, leaves us to only make an educated guess as to the motives of Stephen paddock, us Vegas authorities have released their final report into last October shooting. Paddock, opened fire from thirty second floor, hotel room window firing, more than one thousand bullets, killing fifty, eight people and wounding hundreds more. The NRA's next president. Ever nor spoke at a Republican rally last night and western Kentucky. The invitation sparked an uproar from members of the community that experienced a deadly school shooting less than seven months ago, Corey sharper of member station w. k. MS reports. That's the sound of protesters shouting at days as they walk inside Amory, seeing university auditorium to hear all over north speak in group of Marshall county. High school shooting survivors organized the protest sixteen year old khloe Hanky claims adults rationalized their decision to invite north by saying that the students are quote, just kids. Since what happened on our school. We haven't been able to feel like kids or even act like one Murray state is thirty minutes away for Marshall county high school where two students were killed in a shooting. Last January north told rally-goers their children should be protected in schools and promoted the NRA school shield program that offers consultation and grants for NPR news. I'm Cory, sharper Murray, Kentucky. Yeah, this is NPR news stocks finished the week on an upswing, Steve, Beck nurses DAL rose more than half a percent while the standard and Poor's five hundred climbed nearly as much at the NASDAQ gained an eighth of a percent. Tensions remain a concern, but strong earnings are giving the market resilience Wall Street dipped Wednesday. When the Federal Reserve held interest rates steady but signalled higher rates ahead stocks bounced back Thursday. When a leap in apple shares made it the first firm to reach one trillion dollars in capitalization. The rally continued Friday despite less than expected job gains for the week. NASDAQ is up nearly a full percent while the s. and p. is three quarters of a percent higher. The Dow was up modestly bond yields whose failure to rise with short term rates had worried the fed climbed doodoo increase borrowing to finance, federal budget, deficits for NPR news. I'm Steve Beck ner. It's been almost twenty four hours since residents of a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho woke up to find about one hundred escaped goats grazing in their yards and eating their shrubs, Brooklyn Jarvis lives in the neighborhood in west Boise. And I saw on my phone and mom sent me this picture on goats on our street and commissioned the craziest. There's like thickly goats loose, didn't believe her was like, wait what I was just waking up to my brain is released, slow. Like put on some clothes. I ran out and there's like one hundred goats on our street goats captivated social media before being rounded aunt, they had been clearing weeds from some land for the county when they escaped from their corral. I'm trial Snyder, NPR news.

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