Suspect in Blaze Bernstein murder is charged with hate crime


Crime I'm Erin bender live from the KFI, twenty four hour newsroom prosecutors in Orange County a hate. Crime enhancement in the murder of blaze Bernstein the college student who was stabbed to death and buried in a park in lake forest in January DA twenty recall says the. Suspected killer was active in hate groups online these images are, graphic, and chilling can be described. As spewing, hey towards almost every protected group he says the, high school classmate murdered Bernstein for being gay Uber, lifter driving down the number of DUI arrests arrests for driving under the influence of dropped fourteen percent in Los Angeles between two thousand fifteen and sixteen a. Study by the university of California and, monologue group shows DUI arrests, or down, thirty. Two percent in San Diego San Diego PD's Mark McCullough says. Officers are still seeing quite a few drunks they're, just, not sitting in the front seat officials say there are, a lot more ridesharing. Drivers with drunk passengers passing through police checkpoints the data backs that up having. Too many drinks is the second leading reason people use a, rideshare service, difficulty in Finding parking is number one, Amy king KFI new customers have returned to the trader. Joe's in Silverlake where an assistant manager was fatally shot by police she was hit as officers fired on a man who crashed his car in front of the store then. Ran inside as he shot at cops trader Joe's executive VP, Ben, Myers says.

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