Small height evolved twice on 'Hobbit' island of Flores


The news. Hello I'm Marion Marshall with the BBC news Zimbabwe's opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has dismissed what he termed the unverified fake results of the, presidential election which is given victory to the incumbent. Emmerson Mnangagwa Mr. Trump criticized electoral commission saying the level of opaqueness. Was. Baffling Mr. Mnangagwa has urged him Bob Williams to unite behind. His presidency the head of, the election observers. In Zimbabwe Brock told. The BBC there was a lack. Of transparency, he said the result must be properly confirmed smoke peace to that country and therefore must have curb related to what's. Your position That is. Also results, of all set up at the end of the day I think the important version for for the people in Zimbabwe Turkey says it will work closely with the. United States to resolve disagreements between them the Turkish Foreign Minister. Chavalit sure you said the agreement came after constructive meeting with his US counterpart Mike Pompeo on the, sidelines, of Asian. Regional talks in Singapore the US is imposed sanctions onto Turkish ministers over the continued detention of an American clergyman in Turkey Andrew Bramsen faces terrorism charges can reach member Swannee. Is in Singapore the, to have met against the backdrop of what appears to be an, escalating diplomatic crisis between the United States and Turkey earlier in the week there was. Sanctions placed on to Turkish ministers by the United States and that led to quite a dramatic fall in the price of the Turkish currency what we do know is that the secretary of state has said. That the sanctions have been put in place because they want to show Turkey. That they're serious about the release of the American clergyman transport Unions in Venezuela have angrily rejected government plans to collect information about car ownership to control the distribution of petrol supplies they warned us it. Creates an internal black-market subsidized fuel is resold for prophet Daniel Ghana's, reports in Venezuela one gallon of gasoline cost less than one. Set of a US dollar depending on the exchange rate a person uses but that is about to, change President Nicolas. Madura ordered a vehicle census to be held this week the government wants to know how many cars and what models are being used by Venezuelans authorities will later use those. Numbers to come up, with an energy policy that is likely to increase the price of, fuel Madurai says Venezuela's subsidized gasoline is being illegally smuggled out of the country and. Into Colombia the US department of Justice has told a court at volunteers and activists should take the lead in locating undocumented migrants who've been separated from their children hundreds of parents have been deported while there Children remain in detention centers the US government says the American Civil Liberties. Union which challenged the policy in court should use its resources to help world news from the BBC research scientists for the US defense department say the recently repatriated remains of America's Korean war dead appear to be. From the, renowned, battle of, Chechen which took place in the winter of nineteen fifty the. Fifty five sets of remains include written information about where they were found tens of thousands of Chinese and US troops were killed near the strategic Chechen. Reservoir in the northeast of the Korean peninsula Britain's Prime Minister Theresa may is doing southern, France later today to meet the French president Emmanuel. Macron at his summer retreat British ministers attended meetings in Paris earlier this week to try to make progress with officials in European capitals towards realising Britain's plan to withdraw from the European Union next year A new study has suggested humans with. Short stature on the Indonesian island of Flores evolved independently thousands of. Years apart scientists decoded genes at. The islands Monday pygmy population to find out if they might be partly descended from members of an extinct species which have come to be known as hobbits. Fossilized remains were found fifteen years ago Richard Green is, associate professor at the university of California Santa Cruz. They are not related at all it turns out that the folks, who live there now are short genetically for largely the same reason that. Folks elsewhere in the world would be short painted a pretty. Clear picture that this island were short stature because it has driven hominids to be small twice and Australian climate has been. Rescued from a mountain in New Zealand southern Alps where he'd been trapped for several nights in sub zero conditions he's believed to have dug a snow cave to stay alive The climate emergency beacon signal had, been picked up picked up in the United States and passed to local. Agencies a rescuer said the Australian was lucky to be alive BBC World Service news Hello and welcome to talking books from hay festival with me governess, every year writers thinkers politicians and others gathered here in Wales to talk about books and ideas from around the world Today I'm joined by. An Arado, ROY, the, author of four novels. Which, dissect the complexities of her native India nationalism casts the place of women and the, burden of history and tradition on a Boston rapidly modernizing nation Amerada ROY welcome to talking books Now I. Just finished your latest novel and? I wanted to give everybody watching. And listening a flavor of your writing and maybe if you'd be kind, of, just to start we'll talk about the book booking detail later this is all the lies. We never. Lived, could, you redo in paragraph In my childhood I. Was known as the boy. Whose mother had. Run off with an Englishman The man was in fact German but in small, town India in those, days all white foreigners were largely thought office British this unconcern for accuracy annoyed my, scholarly father even in circumstances as dire as losing his wife to another man Now when I read that I couldn't. Ben stopped reading that is, a great opening paragraph did you in terms of the Crafter writing. When you sit down, is that something you revised and, revise and revised is that, somehow because it does set all themes of the book a young boy grows up but is. His life isn't totally changed, because his mother ran away this I often read I actually normally rewrite beginnings endlessly and in my first book what I thought was the beginning ended up in the. Middle when I, had finished the book but with this, this paragraph I started the book and that was how it came and, not a word of it changed right through. Many many and is terribly engaging, for all sorts of, reasons first of all. We feel immediate empathy for the child but we also understand that, his father is a, bit of a patent and this is something that you explore thrown And so and it said Books are really against the developing politics of twentieth, and twenty first, century India the family, story. And then, the background yes This.

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