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Stormy Daniels arrested while performing in Ohio


Alert i'm chris foster the president speaking after an emergency meeting at the nato summit in belgium called after he complained about our allies defense spending i let them know that i was extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially up their commitment yeah live in brussels here's fox's simon owen chris the president's claiming victory in his campaign to get nato ally spending more on defense everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment they're going to up at at levels that they've never thought before speaking at a news conference here moments ago he called the nato alliance very unified very strong no problem we don't yet have details of the new commitments he just announced but the president claiming numbers are getting up like a rocket ship chris simon thank fbi agent who exchanged tech text messages insulting president trump will speak publicly for the first time today testifying at a joint house committee hearing fox's ellison barbara's in dc says that peter struck is expected to tell lawmakers that his work has never been tainted by political bias he is of course expected to be on capitol hill democrats say that all of this is part of a political game aimed at discrediting the special counsel investigation struck previously sat down with lawmakers for eleven hours democrats are now calling republicans to release a full transcript of that closed door deposition struck hearing starts at ten eastern the porn star stormy daniels is arrested in a strip club in columbus ohio accused of letting customers touch her during her performance that's against an ohio law called the community defense at or lawyer says this was a politically motivated sting operation a complete setup daniels suing president trump and his former attorney to break a nondisclosure agreements you signed just before the two thousand sixteen election fox news fair and balanced six oh to i'm patrick osborne this news brought to you.

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