Did Magic Johnson wait outside LeBron's house for free agency to start?


Had ezio who leads the league in rbi's second baseman boba shit vobis shortstop does dante son and then you had vlad junior they had three guys who pretty good pedigree that was there two three four hitters for pretty much the entire year all those guys will be in aaa i think soon they're talking about vlad when he comes off the deal with his patellar tendon deal that he's gonna be in buffalo so that's a september call up by actually really be excited if that happens yeah i honestly would say all three of them yeah would would excite me 'cause bijou's my favorite player ever so disease do that thing that i mean it's pretty good very good mary are moving onto the n b a a lot of stuff coming out today as lebron james is now officially los angeles laker there's a great story on espn ramona shelburne did a great story on just everything that went through everything that's a win down with the lakers and trying to sign lebron james how magic johnson apparently waited outside of lebron's house for an hour i don't buy that for one second magic johnson's not sitting in his car for an hour waiting for the broadway kidding me he knew exactly what the bronze decision was i can't see magic sitting there waiting for him i just can't johnson oh but oh by story it's real cute story but i don't buy for one second magic johnson sitting around for anybody for an hour that man doesn't look like you wasted time to be honest that's true that's very true also apparently algebra needs rich paul sent jeanie buss a one word text just said congratulations and apparently gm rob pelinka received a similar tax and also included a balloon emojis say you know like you if you do congratulations yeah the balloons come out right away turn that off because congrats type congratulations balloons papa iphone yeah i didn't know that yeah rob bleaker decide profile on the athletic right now and you go rob lowe yeah he's very he's got married very much idea he looks very he looks very la his i like there's an article about with pelinka today talking about how not building a team like the warriors but building a team to defend and be different than the warriors and all the guys that they got are versatile to wade geyser it's not just about shooters but their lengthy there he goes we have a lineup that can be six eight and above all with you know two guards three guards with lebron ma ingram has guys it's unbelievable see how it plays out one other anecdote from that's apparently bill walton decided to call his son to congratulate him while he was at a grateful dead concert this is what luke said yeah he and drummer mickey hart were in the background yelling at me bill said rhythm is the answer to everything in life luke walton said with a laugh he said so once i figure out what that means we'll be good join these semi congratulations and confetti came down there you go there you go all what it's about the confetti what it's about do you like the grateful dead no it's sacrilege i almost want to say fan i listen i know the legacy and it makes you you save this tape this and play tomorrow for because they're from here i got to like him i got every just like the start off their trip out of jealousy from us by saying we don't like the dead i will say at the bay area benefit the fire kafr concert last year saw dead and company and it was cool and i got the vibe and it was cool to just be fighting and everything but yeah it's not something i'm gonna throw on in my car and listen all the way to work right would knowing sometimes aren't they just annoying am i going to be on the only one that's going to i'm going to say it i don't care if everyone's looking at me sideways grateful dead fans can be annoying at times just shut up a right it's over with jerry garcia passed away the grants no that's all right listen just because it's the from the bay area do we have to like them out hey bro abram it mac maximum just hey jambi mind tomorrow jam bands are definitely an acquired taste so but and again i think you have to be.

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