Woman survives a week after driving off California cliff


Standards three seventy four the san francisco bay area lowest can be found in baton rouge or two fifty two a gallon and asheville area car dealership has taken down a twenty three foot high spider glass statue of native american that has drawn complaints over its fifty year history chief pontiac now being donated to the pontiac oakland transportation you see them up in michigan a couple on a camping trip finds a missing oregon woman who had survived for nearly a week after her car win over a cliff in coastal california a bumper i like there's the bumper that's weird and then came round and other band and saw the car rescue crews used climbing gear to reach the twentythree woman who told authorities she lost control swerving to avoid hitting an animal dna is once again help investigators solve a decades old cold case this one in indiana fort wayne police arresting fifty nine year old john miller of grebo for the april nineteen eightyeight murder of april tinsley police obtaining dna samples from miller's trash outside his home than master to the victim when confronted miller admitted to the murder with wbz's traffic now here's freddie hammer thanks john right now looking at a new stalled vehicle here just little rockets scott through trowel so that on the west side got some problems with an accident on down raimo right around lynbrook road brought down some power lines south of monroe road you're down to one lane through there and also some construction working on clearing this up seventy seven northbound coming up from the brookshire so you're gonna find a little bit of heavy traffic through there cones up maybe just cruise on the shoulder so use caution as you head up at four hundred five through next update six o'clock freddie hammer wbz traffic attention everyone you've probably seen or heard about the movie limitless we're a powerful pill unleashes the full potential of the brain it's fascinating that pill could have such.

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