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To know right now well i there was barbecue becky and then permit patty these are white people calling the cops on black people for doing things that most people would argue wouldn't raise an i if it was a white person doing it now the latest is cvs health they're apologizing after a black customer says a white store manager in chicago accused her of trying to use a phony coupon online the manager who called the cops is now being called coupon carl why you're a sleeping woman is shot outside these steak 'n shake on west colonial on hiawassee road in orange county we're told the woman went to the restaurant after a party was followed there by somebody who may have also been at the same party the woman is hospitalized with serious injuries our top story this morning it is breaking news russia's fo in certain respects president trump is in helsinki right now to meet with vladimir putin in a highly anticipated meeting yeah joe that meeting comes with the backdrop of that federal grand jury just indicted russians for hacking the dnc's emails and we've been watching the motorcade as as they arrive and the president though already tweeting he's remaining defiant calling the investigation into russian meddling a rigged witchhunt he also says he's got low expectations for the meeting with vladimir putin let's go now to helsinki for an update russian president putin has now arrived at the presidential palace in helsinki finland and president trump's motorcade is on the way abc's karen travers reports when they sit down for their historic meeting there will not be anyone taking notes no staff in the room just of translators later they'll bring in senior advisors for an expanded conversation on the agenda syria ukraine nuclear weapons and russia's election meddling democrats and republicans back in washington say the president needs to take a tough stand and demand putin and russia not interfere in future elections in an interview with good morning britain trump talked about his relationship with putin going into today's sit down i don't know i met him a couple of times i met him at the g twenty i think we could probably get along very well somebody said are you friends or enemies i said well it's too early to say but right now i'd say we're competitors the face to face between the two leaders is expected to begin shortly at the presidential palace montereau veyrat abc news so there's a party people go to steak and shake after the party and then someone gets shot at the steak and shake we'll have that story next for you on orlando's morning news visit channel nine chief meteorologist tom terry you're listening.

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