Two rare shark attacks reported along New York's Fire Island beaches


Can begin Saturday with some morning sun, but then afternoon clouds and a spotty shower or thunderstorm possibly high seventy eight. It make it rainier at night, a gray day expected on Sunday with a few showers and storms likely humid too high eighty to seventy three. Right now we have some sunshine going up to eighty two in midtown fire island beaches are now all reopened. After those two apparent shark attacks yesterday at sailors haven it Atlantique both victims were children playing in shallow water for more or let's go to the ring, central Newsline intent, ten wins reporter, John tone. If you see a world pool in the water, get out of the water, that's what twelve year old low low Polina did at sailors haven beach in the water. I kind of felt like it was like ten ish orangey looking like body and then it was like a small fin on top. And then when I got out and my leg, like bloody blood, also dripped onto the sand less than five miles away at Atlantique beach. Where lifeguard Craig on Marando says a thirteen year old boy stumbled. Ashore one of his legs all, cut up not only was it is shocked by but they found one of the teeth still inside the boy. Wola says she figured it was a shark that got her because there are no Tigers at the beach but. Sand sharks are also known as sand tiger sharks John monotone ten ten wins on Long Island wins news time ten oh seven President Trump is he on, Twitter this morning, again pushing back, against criticism. Of his comments following his summit with Russia he, accused the press of hating, the fact that he'll probably have a good relationship with Vladimir Putin and quote fake news. Media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with Russia even a confrontation that could lead to war that said the president claims. He did tell Putin to stay out of America's, elections another growing, controversy now has to do with Putin's demand that his country be allowed To interview Americans accused of unspecified wrongdoing by Russia and the White House response, that the proposal is under consideration among those the Kremlin wants to question, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and American born, financier Bill Browder. Browder successfully lobbied for American sanctions on Moscow after a. Business associate of his who investigated Russian corruption was arrested there and died in prison Wins news time ten oh wait there's a new player in the rapid delivery war, which. Has been pretty much, dominated by. Masan prime so far target will begin rolling out speedy, service, this month in the Hudson valley and it'll launch next. Month in the fiber rose and. Long Island that'll include. Same same-day delivery of items like groceries and toys to, get it though? You have to sign up for shipped ninety. Nine dollars. For an annual membership though it'll be only forty nine dollars if you, sign up by August fourteenth wins..

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