Nicaraguan forces seize opposition stronghold in violent bid to silence protesters


Eighteen sunshine in Boston. And dry air to eighty two degrees outside our studios good afternoon I'm Jeff Brown thank you for being with us today our top stories in the WBZ newsroom learning a. Little bit more about a Russian woman who tried to broker a secret. Meeting between then candidate Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin prosecutors say Maria Boutin a- allegedly, used sex, to infiltrate, American political groups governor Charlie Baker says he's examining reforms in the wake of the killing of Weymouth police. Sergeant. Michael chestnut and Massachusetts is the. Last US state to ink out a spending plan for the new fiscal year lawmakers, okay a forty two billion dollar budget we are. Watching all of these stories and you can too with the iheartradio. App download it today and stay. Informed anywhere with WBZ, government forces Nicaragua say, they've regained control of. The city of messiah this is Major stronghold for anti-government protesters in the, site of a violent clash with activists human rights groups say more than three hundred. People have. Been killed in. Three months of anti-government protests meantime the. Nicaraguan government has rejected the u. n. condemnation of the recent wave of violence Republican congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen a Florida commends the Trump administration for sanctioning human rights violators in the. Ortega regime but says more needs to be done giving secretary Pompeo and. President Trump more names of human rights violators so that's number one sanctioning individual human, rights violators, messiah has, been at the center of the anti-government demonstrations two years after the death of a New Hampshire fire chief. The. Chief's daughter has been reunited with. Her dad's beloved Ford pickup truck all thanks to the kindness of a stranger Kaley, second ORF inherited her dad's red truck but couldn't. Maintain it it was sold for parts and then she found out. It was Sitting, at an auto body shop and Raymond she jumped in the car. And just started driving I, pulled up and. It was sitting right there like Justice you left it cleaned, up better than I had left it so I hopped out. Of the car balling out and I went up the door and it. Was like back it was back the truck. Has been restored by Duke Brown who says, he was more than. Happy to help down and I came up with a number of That's how I figured it out about fifteen. Hundred dollars but I didn't care I was just glad that he's got her father. Truck that for Keighley second, Dorf says serve dad taught her to drive in that truck she plans now, on maintaining it. To keep the memory of her father alive for, generations to come New Hampshire supreme court. Rules, against a man who left a profanity laced and threatening phone message for Pembroke town administrator Michael Haynes left a message, complaining about plow drivers leaving too much snow. In front of his home he demanded one employees. Head on a stick and threatened to start killing spout drivers, if they. Kept it up he appealed his conviction and seven. Day sentence to no avail WBZ news time three twenty one it's been up and down day on Wall Street. And the final. Hour of trading things look good fingers crossed the Dow up seventy six points and all star relief. Pitcher who throws heat for the Milwaukee brewer Moore's is now catching some heat himself for tweets he, sent as a. Teenager the walkie brewers relief pitcher Josh hater says he didn't know about the online firestorm. Until, he came out of Tuesday night's all star game I'm deeply sorry for what I've said and what's been going on My best tennis reflected reflect my beliefs going on now Peter says the posts were from seven years. Ago when he was seventeen or some lyrics some rattler expand tweeted I really don't know exactly what's what's all out. There hater says he's ready to accept the. Consequences from the leak Ryan burrow ABC news fire will not shut down Vermont, newspaper the one hundred sixty five year old, Vermont standard will however be late this. Week it's, weekly addition delayed just one day after fire destroys. Its Woodstock offices, officials say the community is given the newspaper staff it support. Offering food and office. Space in fact the newspaper is working out of the public library now in Woodstock the newspaper by the way has never missed, its weekly edition last thing at.

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