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In often back Germany's believed to have developed a taste for ducklings of to eating all of its fellow fish in the municipal pond now the city is looking for a. Way to get rid of it news agency reported that the city government said Monday that it has found a professional angler to catch the fish I seen. About a year ago but a, formal contract has. Yet to, be signed the city plans to have its, unwelcome, guests, caught alive and, taken to a private pond somewhere. But I the city wants to be satisfied that it can't escape into flowing water and that, its new home is suitable. For a, catfish a dozen new moons have been discovered circling Jupiter the discovery, by a team. Of astronomers brings the number of Jupiter moons to. Seventy, nine which is. The most of any planet Saturn's next with sixty one moons the astronomers were looking For objects on. The fringes. Of the solar system when they spotted the Jupiter moons scientists say the moon's weren't seen before because they're tiny they're calling one of the moon's an oddball because of its unusual orbit Hometown hero Bryce Harper comes. Out on top of a fun Melby all-star game homerun derby Harper's father was, his pitcher and he says he groups of great pitches to them, late in? The final if he, was going, to be locked in and I mean he. He hit, my barrel nine straight or something like that and I couldn't be. More fortunate to have him thrown at me you know so blessed harbor edged Chicago outfielder Kyle Schwartz nineteen. Eighteen in the final round shorter says even when he was the head eighteen nine hundred ninety seconds left. He knew the contest was still up for grabs a knew that he had the home. Crowd behind him he's a very prolific power hitter with a great swing For for him to come in and do that Start getting close to the wire then all of a sudden. You to start Rackham, off, one at a. Time just, kind of accepted sheriff accept your fate Harper says he's glad, he had, the support of his teammates max Scherzer Sean Doolittle, and manager. Davey Martinez and that last thirty seconds thirty seconds so I walked over. And I saw Doolittle. I saw, max, and max I gotta hit nine he goes no you gotta hit ten Yeah you're right okay here we go you know and, Davies oh, they're giving me this and we're fired Harper hit, the winning. Blast him extra time the rewards you get for hitting two homers at. Least four hundred forty. Feet during, the, four minutes of regulation Hi I'm Megan. Crane AP digital manager and..

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