These 3 airlines to suffer most from growing trade dispute, analyst says


On bloomberg television now let's go to our ninety nine one newsroom in washington dc where nancy lyons has world and national headlines nancy ministration is planning to revoke obama era policies that encourage the use of race in college admissions to promote diversity on campuses this is according to multiple reports the decision follows an inquiry from attorney general jeff sessions who asked justice officials to reevaluate past policies that he believed pushed the department to act beyond what the law of the constitution and the supreme court had required an announcement on the policy changes expected later today president trump search for a supreme court nominee is expected to take up his time this week and red state democrats are watching very carefully red state democrats are in a tough spot republican strategist ryan williams says no matter what they do they could risk losing support the democratic base will be outraged any member of their party who votes for whoever the nominee is and if you vote against the nominee red state and all the trump voters are going to be upset with you that could be a problem williams says the dan's need to watch how the confirmation hearings go and who the nominee is he says there's always the chance the nomination could blow up so they need to take a wait and see approach in washington i'm amy morris bloomberg radio tie navy seals say all thirteen people trapped in a flooded cavern in northern thailand are healthy and being looked after by medics they're still stuck in that cave while officials determined the best options for bringing them out before the rain returns in the cave floods again at the world cup today sweden defeated switzerland in the day's first match global news twenty four hours a day on air and ticked off on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries thanks nancy now with our other top stories i'm uni han the us is big three carriers american airlines delta and united continental downgraded by deutsche bank the analysts cited heightened geopolitical risk and the lack of near term catalysts the report said the current trade dispute between us and others could hamper the airline industry's growth given its close correlation the imports and exports of goods and services one french bank expand in germany europe's largest economy bloomberg's ed corry has details so generalities acquiring commerzbank exchangetraded products and.

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