Disney Play: Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming streaming service


It's going to be interesting to see how Disney how Disney makes their play with this because and that was not a pun, but Disney play is it could be a Netflix killer. It could be a, they have enough horsepower enough IP in enough money to throw behind this that they have a legitimate chance. I'm gonna say it becoming the number two streaming service. So right now, technically a my, I might be mistaken, but isn't the only thing really confirmed for the streaming services clone horse. So they got clone wars. They have Jon Favreau live action, Star Wars series. They've got a Dumbo. I'm trying to remember the monsters Inc thing. They put in a bunch of the so I was wrong. Yeah, they're put a bunch of the marvel stuff in there, but the but the original stuff. I think they have a Toy Story one in the works as well after like it's the continuation. Yes. Yes, yes. After Andy, so there's going to be new. I on high school musical, and there will be a quote, brand new, all new marvel series. Okay. So I dunno means both all that information. If let's say hypothetically, they cost exactly the same. Do you go DC or do you go Disney? I go Disney with a free trial of DC so I can watch all with a free enough trial to watch young Justice and maybe sometimes, yes, yes. So, yeah, I'm excited for young Justice than probably any Disney show ever. So my money's gonna go to DC.

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