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Odell Beckham Jr: NFL star signs new $95m deal at New York Giants


This is new today comes across the wire Odell Beckham junior did get a deal with the giants on the New York. Giants and Becca who've, agreed to a five year ninety five million dollar contract. Extension, gets the highest guarantee ever for. Receiver at, sixty five million averages twenty million. Dollars over the first three years reported by our buddy Kimberly, Jones and Ian Rapoport Easter passes Antonio bounds Antonio Brown's seventeen, million dollar average and surpasses Mike Evans fifty five million in total guaranteed money, I? Mean he he's qualified. To do that I think it's just, an awful lot of money for receiver especially when you have quarterback. Questions with the giants it is but he is a

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Odell Beckham Jr: NFL star signs new $95m deal at New York Giants

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