'Pandemic' of inactivity increases disease risk worldwide, WHO study says


We've all heard the warnings, haven't we? We need to get up. We need to get moving and we're not doing enough physical activity. And now a new report from the World. Health will denies -ation says that all around the world, we are not heeding those warnings in the first studies estimate global physical activity trends over time, the World Health that'd be all leaned to do. So that's in wind newsrooms. Ryan Carlson is with me going off a few flights of says, doing our bit Ronnie who's at risk then? Well, not just you and me here. Ben one point. Four billion adults are risk of disease around the world from not getting enough exercise. So we need one hundred and fifty moderate minutes week, like walking up these stairs. If we're going to run up these stairs, we could count. It is intense exercise. Yeah, I'm not gonna fall you running. We don't have to do about seventy five minutes week. This is actually a massive self-reported sample size in this report. Almost two billion people around the world. So it tells us quite a bit probably. One of the biggest takeaways is that women were less active than men everywhere, except east and southeast Asia in many parts of the world, the Middle East, North Africa, and especially high income western countries. Women were not getting enough activity by ten percent less than men. So it's a big gap. The authors say there can be a number of reasons for this among them safety issues. Also what's available for people is it affordable? What other cultural norms in certain countries? And of course, what a specific individual has on their plate. One in three women and one in three men are not getting enough activity. So it's not great for either gender really on there was a huge difference, isn't it between developed and developing countries as well? There really is Mozambican Uganda actually had the least inactivity with just six percent, not reaching the target high income. Western countries are seeing far higher numbers of inactivity and Dr bull. One of the report authors from the WHO says that actually may be the price of progress. What it's telling us and giving us an indication of the as countries. Increase in the oven is Asian people moving from rural countries to the cities for jobs and homes. As we develop industrialized on changing nature of work, as we change Trump's bolt from walking cycling more often to driving or motorbikes which saying, all these changes play in and having a consequence way actually becoming less active in our lifestyles. And I think we can all relate to that as we look about it all day lives and say that you don't need to be active in so many ways. Rodney just why are we doing this? Well, this is the thing we all know the answer to this, but it doesn't seem to be impacting enough. There's a greater risk of cardiovascular disease type, two diabetes dementia and some cancers when you don't get enough physical activity, but look on the bright side here. Ben, you only have another one hundred and forty seven minutes ago this week. So you're

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