Mississippi casinos begin taking sports wagers


The way the, sewage and water board today resumes. Cutting off service to delinquent accounts, WWE wells Chris Miller reports the utility says no it's not going after customers who are. Disputing their bills sorts of waterboard officials say they have seventeen thousand accounts were customers just aren't paying up and these aren't people who have come to them. With bills that they say are wrong the New, Orleans city, council has urged restraint from the board in. Case any customers, caught up in a building error are also. On the link, quit list but the water system is losing money, and says it. Needs Needs to? Get delinquencies under control more than four. Hundred thirty new laws take effect today across Louisiana these are direct result. Of the spring legislative regular session they include laws increasing, penalties for. Hazing shortening the waiting period for marriages requiring schools to give parents information about flu cases, and, banning the practice of tying pets, during hurricanes, or floods lawmakers passed the measures, and, governor Edwards sign them into law during the may regular session WWL TV's Leslie, spoon well you'll soon be able. To place legal sports bets in, Mississippi WWL Jim hanso reports on the nation's third largest casino market and what they're celebrating. The wait is over many people will be able to bet on sports legally at the casinos in Mississippi j. rude vice president of racing sports for MGM. Resorts says you'll be able to bet on sports, at noon Today at the bow revived we're. Doing all the same game that's on Thursday I team back in various props sheet like we, do on most Thursday and Sunday. And, Monday night games to you'll have player to score the first touchdown will there be a score and the first five and a. Half minutes he says the same goes for the gold. Strike casino in, northern Mississippi other casinos, will jump on board to you will be able to make a wager from your phone but you left to do it within the walls of the bow that'll come later on in the fall CBS chairman and CEO last moon vs is facing, new allegations. Of, sexual assault the LA county district attorney's reporting though woman reported multiple incidents in the late nineteen eighties here's CBS correspondent Anna Werner has previously said. In a statement he's. Always understood that no means no we reached out to him along with every other CBS board never yesterday about these new allegations but did not, get any responses however we learned from several sources That individual board members or, discussing this new information in phone. Conferences, as recently as last night And the controversy rages on over plastic guns CBS news. Update you won't find the blueprint for making your own three d. principle gone online this morning a federal judge has put a, temporary hold, on plans to make an available, today after a loss do by eight state attorneys general Seattle's Bob Ferguson has applauding.

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