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Coming up in one minute a lawsuit in the city of next to. The tune of ten million dollars, this is a Bloomberg market, minute shares. Of apple or up four percent in pre-market trading the company projected sales suggest consumers are, continuing. To buy high end iphones, the latest quarterly results. Also beat Wall Street expectations apple saw record. Revenue and services which includes the app store apple music I cloud and Apple Pay and notched strong growth in the unit that includes air pods headphones the apple watch apple TV and the home pod Volkswagen is warning of headwinds from trade risks Andy. Missions issues in the coming months after churning out more, SUV's and sedans to power a twenty three percent jump in second-quarter prophet US investors are keeping, focused on trade and economic, data, earnings and, the, fed, which wraps up. A two-day meeting today we're also watching for ADP's scout of, private payroll growth and sprint continues to gain customers Posting its twelve. Straight quarter of growth in phone subscribers and raising its, profit forecast Gina Cervetti Bloomberg radio Cloudy and seventy. Two cents Chuck, and Kelly quite a bit of drama in Schenectady yesterday on a couple of different fronts first, of all there was a a note found about nine o'clock yesterday. Morning outside the county building on avenue and it really. Caused a lot of trouble for almost, three hours they. Evacuated county buildings and it's gonna. County office, buildings close to traffic employees were evacuated Scotty county library vacuous this is sergeant met during significant. You, know. Obviously incident Due to the vague nature of. It you know there are several. Addresses that need to be checked for everyone's safety, and you have pretty much the entire police department here and like I said you know. We have canine officer here. In Schenectady but, due to the large scale, of this event we needed to. Call in canine officers from the state, police from Albany county from Saratoga county from Troy to make, sure that, we, can get this done in as much of a timely fashion as possible so presumably there'll be serious consequences if they found. Whoever left this, note was diagnosed they found about nine o'clock outside the county office building inferring some sort of, a threat so they were extra cautious this next story Kelly also. Out of Schenectady sounds a like a soap opera I'm, not sure where. The truth lies but there are a. Lot of interesting elements to the, story let's, say okay A few months. Ago a woman was arrested for. Violating an order of protection a and stocking and, a whole series of charges because it's alleged that she was in a relationship with a. Schenectady cop and he was. Married she's married, it did not end well, and she's accused of sending explicit. Photos of her private parts to the, cops wife and the cops wife went in this order protection, filed against, her And in protecting her and five other members of, the family so the woman was arrested so yesterday comes out that sees now filed a notice of claim against the city claiming that the cop. Allegedly had. The affair with his brother, is the police chief Clifford bright so he is accused him of going to the state police and telling her husband everything or Osmond supervisor right right Is your. Husband's a a state trooper. And so is the guy that clever told so she's alleging that he abused power and made he's he actually says that he made her look like a complete lunatic I'm gonna. Say maybe the foundation was already there we will see well so she's like filed, like a ten million. Dollar, claim Classic ten million dollars she claims that. Chief Clifford acted outside the. Scope of his employment defamation abuse, of power and says that he she. Called he calls her husband's boss at to. Say that she was having an affair with the with his brother and wow. So you have the chief Eric Clifford in Schenectady then Sean Clifford the I think he's the city's canine. Officer the brother of the chief he put out. A, statement says this is difficult time for my family I'm doing all. I can to protect them I sincerely apologize to. My family for. The, endorsement that this is brought them so quite the drama Hey get him what I I know you can't because it's all alleged everything. For, super quickly I mean I don't have a dog in this fight but it's like, deja vu, it seems. Every other week we wake up and there's like up the Rensselaer county DA's office missed another deadline and another bad guy may. Walk free as a result it's happened again lost, track of how many. Times does this happen but you're talking about a double murder suspect, now who's probably going to walk free because he missed. Another deadline there was a double murder long story short double murder in Troy they they've been to the grand. Jury. Twice to get indictments twice the judge said you're, missing some stuff? Yeah forty five days to go for a. Third attempt to get it. Done long story short forty five, day the forty five day period has. Now passed and the the defense attorney saying. Forty five day period past let this guy go so this has happened before. With a sex offender And it almost happened, with the, guy who bludgeoned to death in Lansing. Birds right they didn't. They didn't disclose that one of the key witnesses actually was involved, in another court, case is this. Guy and I don't, have a dog at, the, by either I? Don't live in Rensselaer county but from an outsider you now have sex. Offenders going, free and now would double murder suspect is, going to be back out. On the streets you don't deserve to hold that office if you have mistakes of this magnitude the only good news is that this incompetence the Rensselaer county DA's office. In this particular, case if I understand it correctly maybe I'll be. Proven wrong this guy there will be no Justice on these murder charges but I think he'll be deported so. At least you won't be, on our, streets, it'll be the murderer. Will be back on somebody else's streets but the point is that he's accused of killing two people at. A, pretty violent and brutal manner and up sorry we missed the deadline you know maybe, we should, invest in. The calendar that's what I'm thinking or maybe we should reconsider our career choices in SRP invoice list price dealer price Toby Knapp. Here if your car shopping you've probably heard these Terms but. What do they mean, it's so confusing it was, confusing not anymore we tell. 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