Conspiracy theorist Jones seeks dismissal of Sandy Hook defamation suit


News three I'm a, relief an Irish Catholic cultural group accusing the city of Alexandria of stripping the name of a prominent Colonel from a park being. Built in the city, without explanation but the city. Says that's not the case name FitzGerald square was a placeholder name given to the cork, in twenty, twelve, according. To Alexandria, city spokesperson Craig Pfeifer he says the city recently started calling the park king street park at the waterfront because we wanted to be more clear about, where the park wise cypher says the new generic name had nothing to do with complaints that the park had. The name of a slave owner the ancient order of hibernate doesn't believe that the group started a. Petition to reinstate the name FitzGerald square Pfeiffer says of public process will start soon to, give. The park a permanent name Heather Curtis. Sound WMA. Allen WFAN dot com White House talking more about a comment made by President Trump during a rally in Florida last night in which, while speaking about voter ID laws he asserted that people need to show an ID when they Go to the, grocery store White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the low incidence of voter fraud in recent elections even if. There are ten people, that are voting illegally it. Shouldn't happen the president wants to see the integrity of our election systems upheld and that's, the purpose, of, his. Comments he, wants to make sure that anybody that's voting as somebody that should be voting and I think that's something that frankly should be celebrated not discriminated social, media experts briefing the Senate intelligence committee today regarding the latest foreign influence operations aimed at the midterm elections committee. Ranking member Senator Mark Warner for Jinnah says that they are beginning to understand just how deep that. Influence lies I'm concerned that even after eighteen months of study we are still only scratching, the. Surface when it comes to Russia's information. Warfare for wars host Alex Jones in court in Texas today for years Alex Jones promoted false conspiracy theories on info wars about the shooting that, left twenty children and six adults dead all I know is The official story of sandy hook has. More holes in it Swiss cheese some believers in. Those conspiracy theories harassed and even threatened parents of the victims he was subsequently sued. By, a few parents and a former FBI agent for. Slander now Jones is trying to get their suit thrown out he's asking a judge to dismiss the case based on a Texas. Law that protects. The right to free speech against unwarranted attacks I'm Steve Kastenbaum administration says better gas mileage will lead to greater. Risk for drivers because they'll spend more time behind the wheel that point of view comes as a reason not to pursue. Higher fuel standards that were a goal of the Obama administration experts are proposals obtained by the AP also show the administration plans to challenge California's. Longstanding authority to, enact its own tougher pollution and fuel standards the administration says revisions to the mileage requirements for twenty twenty one through twenty twenty six are still being worked on. In the changes could be made before the proposal is released as. Soon as. This week TJ Katini watching l. traffic.

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