Meet Santiago Enrique! Eva Longoria Officially Introduces Newborn Son


The credit karma app today. Credit karma get knowing our five eyewitness news forecast mostly cloudy sixty five degrees tonight and thunderstorms and seventy four tomorrow. It's eighty four right now. This is mytalk Dirt alert update a quick look at what's. Happening in entertainment Tell me something good actor Alan. Alda says he has Parkinson's disease appearing on CBS this morning all said he was diagnosed three and a half years ago and said he went public because he. Expected a, tabloid, would soon publish a story about his diagnosis the says revealing his diagnosis might be helpful to others with Parkinson's and that there. Are. Things, that they can? Still do. Believe an, active life yeah well you know, what it's like I mean that's great that he does that but. He the fact that somebody was. Going to do. A, story. You can keep your health private I hate that yeah yeah Exactly Avalon goriest son Santiago Enrica is making his public debut at six weeks old on the cover of Ola USA. Longoria yes, longoria, caption or cover reveal on Instagram referring to her baby boy sweet hand gesture here he is Santiago and Rica Don is waving. Hello. At, the whole world? And they. Are quite, adorable together isn't her husband like, a big media guy he's huge he's Telemundo okay is that what. It is yeah he's a he's. Big world of. Media, yeah Does he does that magazine could very well be. The case Jennifer Lopez is the winner of this year's MTV Michael Jackson video vanguard award Lopez is up for two other awards for her song deniro featuring DJ Colin and, Cardi, b. and the song will compete in, the best and video best, collaboration categories and Lopez. Will also be performing at the VM as this year for the first. Time since two thousand one the, VM as our August twentieth on MTV I? Don't know. That she. Would. Be the one I'd pack? I, feel like, that stage cat stunt casting. Because Always every year Cannon Jackson, before I mean they've. Had real musicians what are you seeing -joyed j. lo is, a triple threat but but people have had longer. Careers than hurry this is the AMA's don't hang your leg Oh my gosh Some star power. At the show Yeah and finally you can now buy a castle that was used in game of thrones and it's. Not even that much money guys the. Castle for sale in Northern Ireland it was used. In season three of the show it's the castle where rob. Start got his head chopped off the castle is going for cheaper than the average house in l. a. at. Six hundred seventy seven thousand dollars so if you want to go live council in Northern Ireland drafty and how much would be to own it down Sorry I'm sorry. I read this whole story about maintenance is extra. Somebody who owns a castle and he's got a lot of. Money it's an actor I can't remember nNcholas cage you used to but I don't know if it's thing but. You need like a ton of money to keep up oh yeah you do that true all right well.

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