U.S. Senators introduce new legislation to boost cyber security


Eighty seven and mostly cloudy in. New York I'm Jerry Barmash what the stories you'll be talking about on seventy seven WABC a. Daring water rescue up the East River, this morning a woman in her twenty s jumped into the water near the. Williamsburg bridge a good Samaritan passing by went in to, rescue her but quickly swam. To shore FD NY NYPD first responders took over. The. Area detective Megan conciliate explains. The timeline we got the job at five forty three hours on her at, approximately six oh one and Now are. In the water She was taken from the, water near pure thirty six an off-duty, sergeant pulls his gun firing two shots this. Morning in east New York say the forty year old officer was on his way to work when he chomped the twenty one year old suspect who was. Allegedly trying to rob him it happened at about five AM on. Livonia and New Jersey avenues this man and undercover. Police informant tells eyewitness. News it's a dangerous neighborhood it's basically a dead area where drugs are common were weapons of common because I'm not saying the priest or not Policing. It enough but they need to police it more the, sergeant wasn't injured the suspect was taken, to the hospital but is expected to survive. On a day when Republican and democratic senators introduced new legislation to punish Moscow for election interference the White House's lining up the administration's top security officials to. Outline what's being done to stop cyber intrusions the director of national. Intelligence Dan Coats says the Kremlin is still being. Medal by deploying online. Messaging campaign these efforts are not exclusive to this election or future elections but certainly cover issues relevant to the election We also know the Russians tried. To hack into steal information from. Candidates and government officials, alike a White House says President Trump has directed a vast government wide effort to protect American. Elections after rushing attempts to interfere in twenty sixteen. Prosecutor says once powerful New York union boss. Was blinded by greed when he betrayed thousands of jail guards my squandering their money in a bid to get rich assistant US attorney Lara Pomeranz, telling them in Hatton jury. In opening. Statements in a bribery. Retrial today that Norman Seabrook accepted sixty, thousand dollars in cash just your twenty million dollars into a risky hedge fund in two thousand fourteen the defense lawyer says. Seabrook is innocent and is being framed by corrupt real estate developer who cooperated with the government the fifty. Eight year old Seabrook for. Two decades let New York City correction officers benevolent association a jury deadlocked.

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