Police search for thieves who stole 2 royal crowns before escaping by speedboat


The Benatti spine institute ten thousand enthusiastic supporters gathered at the Florida state fairgrounds to see President Trump who gave his endorsement to Jacksonville congressman Ron Disentis. For governor welcome to Florida Mr President We thank reading from the candidate President. Trump rallied, for Rhonda Santa. Susana tough primary race for the GOP, gubernatorial nomination the president called the Santa later a proud veteran. My great friend a tough brilliant cookie Disentis seeks to fill the chair now held by Rick Scott who was also recognized by the president in his race for Democrat Bill Nelson's Senate seat, the Florida primary is set for August twenty eighth Grenell Scott, Fox News it was a blow to agriculture Commissioner and Paul county resident Adam Putnam who is the front runner and so Trump endorsed. To Santa's earlier in the day Trump addressed students. And supporters at Tampa Bay technical high school Trump says. The nation needs to invest even more resources towards job training whether you're a high school student or a late, career, worker, there's never been, a better time to learn Trade Honus skill or pursue your dreams never been a better time we've never had a better time for hiring in this country last quarter GDP, has you know grew to four point one percent and I, think it's going to go a lot higher Trump also signed into law a workforce development Bill the, devotes more funding for stem education President Trump's former. Campaign manager is on trial for Bank and tax fraud highlight of day one was the opening arguments by the. Government and by Paul manafort's defense prosecutor ZOA Sonya maintained that the former, Trump campaign chair knowingly falsified tax returns over a several year period then lied to banks about, his, income in order to fraudulently apply for loans to cover his, debt defense attorney Thomas Zony. Maintained that co-defendant gates is to blame as manafort's business guy court resumes at nine thirty this morning Bill Rakoff CBS news. At US district court in Alexandria Virginia. Northern California's deadly car fire is widening its path of destruction but. Firefighters are gaining ground Cal. Fire says the blaze burned through roughly another seven thousand acres. Overnight for a total, of about, one hundred ten thousand this is, Steve Futterman in Redding California the car fire is now Thirty percent contained this is fire crews take, advantage of much calmer winds for hundreds of families though it comes too late more than. Nine hundred homes have. Been completely destroyed nearly two hundred others. Have suffered some damage and six people have died the fire does continue to burn but it has slowed down considerably and fire officials are hopeful the worst is over firefighters helping for a break in the high winds, that have been fanning the flames under Florida's stand. Your ground law someone who claimed self defense is not required to be arrested and jailed while the investigation continues. Manila's sheriff Bob Galtieri held a news conference to address the growing outrage, over his decision not to arrest Michael Drako in the shooting death of marquees mcglockton Beasley thing, in, some respects would have been for me to arrest Drako and, kick it to the state. Attorney the easy thing is not the right thing or the legal thing to do based upon the application of in this. Case I've never done anything because it's. The easy way or what Mike call the politically expedient thing to. Do and I'm not going to start. Doing it today while Terry says the investigations far from, over and it could be weeks or months before it's complete when the tax. Bill comes next year you might be in, for a shock some thirty. Million Americans could be in for, a stressful experience next tax season that's according to congressional auditors. Who predicted twenty one percent of US taxpayers will discover their employers failed to withhold enough money from their checks under the tax laws the, GAO report says even with the changes in tax law an estimated twenty seven million Americans would be affected, Jim Chenevey CBS news Swedish police are looking for the thieves who made off, with the Royal family's crown jewels the highest went down on. Tuesday at a cathedral west of Stockholm the thieves escaped in a motorboat moored outside the nine hundred year old church. Police launched a search by land CNN air but as of now the culprits remained enlarge large the jewels to crowns and, a Royal orb date back to the early seventeenth century itself Thirty-five at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a weather is next Some.

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