Scientists study bacteria found on the subway


We have today that they can bring them back and actually adapt, which families, they belong to so people who, actually bury their dead and give them that problem very caregivers was at a ceremony. Honoring Vietnam veterans by Cook County one vet said the. Return of, the remains is a reminder of the US military motto of leave no one behind, in glencoe Nancy hardy NewsRadio on one zero five point, nine FM an appeals court in San Francisco says President Trump's executive order threatening to withhold. Money from sanctuary cities is unconstitutional but the ninth. Circuit court of appeals as a lower court went too far when it. Blocked the, order nationwide the. Appeals court says the president does not have the authority to attach new conditions to spending approved by congress the ruling came in law Suits filed by two California counties San Francisco and Santa Clara. A plan for a sprawling. Business park in will county that was rejected by the village of Elwood has now, been modified and back on the table northpoint development has scaled down the size of the Cup is business park project from two. Thousand six hundred seventy acres removing some land in Elwood where there. Had been strong opposition the company is seeking approval for warehouses distribution. And light manufacturing along route fifty three Stephanie Irvine and opposition leader tells the herald news they're still. Going to face the same, opposition, she, says they're moving ahead. Regardless of, what the residents what it will be a steep climb though likely needing twenty of twenty six votes from the county board. Mike Krause her NewsRadio on one point nine FM federal health authorities have issued a public alert about more than. Two dozen beef pork, and poultry salad and wrap products because of possible parasite parasitic contamination the agriculture department says. The products distributed by Indianapolis Based, Kato foods, might be contaminated with cyclospora. Which causes intestinal illness products were sold by grocery stores including trader Joe's Walgreens and Kroger British scientists have a new clue into what may be at. The root of an developmental. Disorder searching for the root causes of autism university of Cambridge scientists found women with polycystic ovary syndrome have a thirty, five percent higher chance of giving. Birth to a child on the spectrum than women without the condition they. Found women, with have, elevated levels of the male hormone testosterone. Which has passed the babies in the womb. And can, alter brain development at CBS is Larry Miller, reporting from London public transit can be, cost effective and environmentally responsible but there is a downside if you. Choose mass, transit you should know you, probably will pick up a few germs along the way more than a few actually scientists sent volunteers out to subway lines and had them swab common, surfaces what. They found was that subways arm as you might Teeming with bacteria, checking the different microbiomes they came to realize that commuters, tend to pick a. Bacteria from, virtually everyone who travelled on the same system prior to them so best I'm the limit your. Exposure early morning worst time late in..

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