California Gov. Jerry Brown casually unveils history’s most ambitious climate target


But let's check in on California politics joining me from politico. One of the authors of the California playbook Carla Marinucci Carlo thanks so much. Good to talk to you today. Hey, good to be with you. All right. So governor Brown did something. I'm honestly, I'm torn on this one because I'm excited, and I'm I'm concerned about what it's gonna cost us. Huge new legacy Bill that he signed. Yeah. That's right. I mean, governor Brown again, you know, what it is really a rebuke to President Trump's administration sign that Bill Monday to great fanfare, basically saying to California's going to be getting all of its retail atrocity from renewable sources by twenty forty five. Now, you know, that's still a long way away. But the fact is he wants to send a message that maybe the federal government isn't going to comply with the Paris climate agreement, but California is and he said that they're going to go. We're going to go down that path. Even by the way. Signed an executive order that also direct straight stage. And she's to figure out how to make the entire economy of the state carbon-neutral that means transportation that means manufacturing that means a whole bunch of other things ether ambitious things, and you know, you you mentioned costs that is one thing that some of the opponents of this action said, what's it gonna cost consumers, and the fact is we don't know. But but Jerry Brown to say, look, this is a literally kind of a do or die effort that we've got to start addressing climate change in California really hasn't been on the forefront. Here forget gauge and intends to continue to to be on the forefront to combat global warming. So big move from Jerry bound on the eve of this massive climate change conferences starts tomorrow in San Francisco at Mosconi tenure. Yeah, I've been getting, you know, PR emails on that. Of course, joining me on the phone is politicos, California playbook Carla Marinucci, but this clogged global global climate summit. Of course, that's happening here. I mean, it's just that's natural. But what what is this kind of a summit when we're talking about climate mean what what is the goal. What are we gonna learn from from this coming up? It's a good point the news. You know, some of the critics are saying, well, this is just a show, Jerry. Jerry Brown swan song. And so forth. But the fact is you you've got some of the world leaders on this subject, including New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg. You've got former Vice President Al gore, who of course, won the Nobel prize because of his original, you know, warnings on on this Jane Goodall, you've got a number of celebrity types coming and a big CEO's like Salesforce, CEO Mark Benny off. And when you bring all these folks together, not to mention you're going to have a lot of protesters as well. 'cause there are a lot of people who were very upset at Gerry bound when it comes to issues like fracking and so forth. But the fact is you get a lot of these world leaders, and they're putting their heads together on some really complex subjects and trying to come up with ways in which basically states can go around the inaction from the federal government. So the California keeps sort of setting a bar higher on this and not just with the Bill. Signed yesterday. But you know, they looked forward to other ways they can contain greenhouse gases in California. You know, we've got some major issues here in California with the seat like the sea level rising. And we're going to have to address things like, you know, embarcadero. Seawalls and so forth. There are some issues that are sort of immediate and need to be dealt with. So I think with all these folks coming together, it's going to be all eyes are going to San Francisco this week when it comes to the issue climate change, so Carl I have a question for you. Carla Marinucci is joining me on the phone politicos, California. Playbook is anybody gonna ask how many of them flew commercial versus? Nobody's gonna ask. I'm not going to be able to be there to participate. But I this is something I it's hard core. Environmentalists. And there's nothing that ticks me off more than the ultra wealthy oligarchs coming and telling me how to live my life, and they flew a private jet, and it's just defeated the whole purpose here the lineup of Lear jets. Right. We'll be a testament even very very good point here on this one. And that is some big should ask in the press conference today. I will try to do that today. I am so sorry. I thought was tomorrow almost as we speak in San Francisco addressing a climate change group this morning. He's doing a lot of stuff related to the. So he is in San Francisco this morning. But you know, it the actual kickoff of the conference starts tomorrow. And yeah, you're absolutely right. I that that question does need to be asked. Because the oligarchs say here just through and it's like come on. All right. You want? I totally support making changes and all these things, but don't tell me that while you're doing something the opposite. I think that's an excellent point. I will make sure that to tell them that you asked I'm happy to by the way. I mean, you Lonzo already blocked me on Twitter because I asked hard questions. Is it really I think so yes, I would put it at a status symbol your badge blocked by. That's my little bio on

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