Omarosa doubles down on claim that anonymous op-ed writer was Pence’s chief of staff


Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday yesterday said he would take a lie detector test is part of a potential White House effort to identify the anonymous writer of New York Times op Ed describing an alleged resistance movement within the White House pleased to have his televised. I watch every one of those in the administration. I think this would be a ratings grabber. Well, did you hear what Omarosa said on the view today? She believes that it someone in Mike Pence's office chief of staff, which is what I think I said last week. Wow. Because everyone's focusing on that word lodestar in the piece, which is a word that nobody uses except Mike Pence. So some people thought we'll maybe Mike Pence wrote it because of that word, but they don't write their own speeches other people write their speeches. So that's why I assumed it was one of his speechwriters. So if it's one of his speechwriters or one of his aides, then it would fit that that ESPN.

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